January 3, 2016

There's an Ice Storm in Khrysalis!

Hello Wizards!

I can't believe it's been an entire year since I made a questing post. LOL, anybody else getting tired of those jokes? :P I hope all of you had a great New Years! It's 2016 and that means that it's time to start making more posts for the year. I have a special year planned in real life and especially online. :) I've already been working on one of my main goals for the year (Quest My Wizards) by questing my storm wizard. I've been questing with my sister's ice wizard, Melissa Rainstrider. The last time I made a post, we completed the world of Azteca! Shortly after we started questing through Khrysalis. :D

I've already been through Khrysalis a few times so I know it's time to fight a cheating boss or a mob. It's usually difficult to fight a boss since I have very low health and we both need gear that will help us in the future. I'm thinking about questing through Darkmoor soon so we're able to get our Shadow Spells and eventually the right gear. :) I think we will need to find a team or somebody that knows how this dungeon works before we do that. I haven't been through the dungeon before, but I have always wanted to!

The gear has been an issue, but that hasn't stopped us from questing as much as we can! The last time I made a post, we were actually around level 89 or 90? Today we're currently sitting at level 99. We might even make it to level 100 around tomorrow! We have the rest of this world and Polaris to go. I'm worried about Polaris because I haven't been through it yet, but I'm ready to see all of the work that Kingsisle put into it. I've been looking forward to penguins on the game since the Zafaria video that was released on Kingsisle's YouTube Page in 2011. :P We're doing great so far. I promise I'll have another updated post before we finish this world! We're halfway through Khrysalis (currently at Crescent Beach). It has been a lot of fun to quest with my sister again! :D I should end this post now because I have plenty of other posts to make and we have to quest again later this afternoon. :D Thank you all for reading this post! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral!

I had to add one more awesome screenshot.. Okay, I'm leaving now! 

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