February 25, 2016

Frostcaller's Polar Bear Party!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a great end of February. I can't believe it's already the last few days of February. Days have flown by because of homework and real life stuff. This weekend, I get to take a break from homework to host a Polar Bear Party with David Silverhunter from his awesome site Frostcaller! :D

Frostcaller's Polar Bear Party!

This Saturday, February 27th, 2016 at 4:00 P.M. CST!

We'll meet in Ravenwood and stand by Kelvin for porting to David's Polarian Shipwreck for fun!

Portbus Information
If any of you need help porting, I'll bring my ice wizard to teleport you to David's house. Make sure to add Edward Wintergem (picture of my ice wizard above) for a teleport there. If my friends list becomes too full, I'll bring my death wizard, Edward! 

I hope to see you there! I already know that this party is going to be a lot of fun! :D If you would like to read David's post on Frostcaller click HERE! If you're still here, I hope you have a great day... If you're STILL here.... well... thank you for reading this post and I hope to see you at this event! 


Aaron said...

4 PM CST is roughly 4 AM my local time, so I wont be able to make it. Which is a shame, because it sounds like its going to be great fun event :(
Wish I could be there.. well maybe another time
Have fun guys :)

Edward Lifegem said...

I'm sorry to hear that, Aaron! I will take plenty of pictures and post it on a Recap Post. Make sure to stick around because I'm planning on announcing a new Wizard101 event this weekend! That will also be a fun event. :D It will most likely be in the morning hours my time, which hopefully is early enough for you to attend. :)

Aaron said...

I'll be looking forward to it :D