February 5, 2016

#Pirate101Lives (Spoiler)

Ahoy Pirates!

It's official. Pirate101 finally teased something from a new update on Falmea Friday! Falmea revealed an NPC from a new update or as many had called it... BOOK 15! Yes... Pirate101 WILL continue! I can't wait to see what Pirate101 has planned for us. You should get your pirates ready for a new update that should be coming later this year. I'll post a blog post about any other spoiler that's released. If you would like to read Professor Falmea's Friday, click on the spoiler image below!

"So, this fateful Friday, let me share with you a fine fellow who will be making his way to the Spiral in the near future. My question is… tell me his story, if you were the one weaving the tale " (Professor Falmea). 

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Unknown said...

Hype for Pirate101 after so many years!!!