March 27, 2016

Edward Cringle IS Back!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having a great Easter. I know.. The last time I made a Pirate101 related post (like this) was 10,000 years ago, or a few months ago! :P I have been very busy with school, but today I had a chance to log onto the game again to quest a bit. I really forgot where I was in questing, so I decided to start off fresh and blog about a quest that I worked on today so I wouldn't have to remember what I did on the game months ago.

The last time I was on the game, I had to find the Monkey King. I found out that he was locked in this Cage by the Dragon King. He would give us the Turtle Ball (what we need) after we free him. The monkey king also let us know that Hattori Hamzo has the key to the cage. I had to sail around the Subata Skyway to collect TEN moon pollens that were floating around. The moon pollen would then be used to put into Hamzo's tea to make him fall asleep until we're done stealing the key to free the monkey king. I have been stuck on this quest for months, and I was so happy to complete it today to get started on my questing again. I had to make sure that I didn't get caught by the sky turtles or sunk by enemy ships that were also sailing in the same skyway around the moon pollen. 

Shortly after collecting the moon pollen, I had to sail to Crimson Dock and travel to Hattori Hamzo's Forge to give him the tea. He knew what we did which meant.. our plan didn't go the way we wanted it to. To make matters worse, he made the lock without a key to get inside! He even joked that the monkey king would be in that cage for 10,000 years. It looks like I'm going to stop here. We'll start fresh from here and see what happens the rest of the story! :D Until then, I hope to see you around the skyways. Thank you for reading!! :D By the way.. my next post will have amazing screenshots!

I promise that I'm not celebrating that he's still trapped in the cage! :P LEVEL UP!

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Autumn DreamWalker said...

Welcome back Edward Cringle!!!!!!!!!! With a mustache :{D