March 18, 2016

Are Fansite Owners Kingsisle Puppets?

Hi there,

I remember creating my ice wizard on Wizard101 back in 2009. This was the very first time I played the game after seeing a commercial on tv about it. I joined the game not knowing what fansites, the community or even blog posts were. I created my blog in 2010 after seeing Tom's amazing website "The Friendly Necromancer". So far I've made 1,300 different Wizard101 & Pirate101 related blog posts! I'm extremely proud of my website even if I wasn't a fansite owner. I have so many memories that I can search for and remember how much I have learned since a certain dungeon I might have had trouble on back in 2011.

As mentioned before, I'm a Pirate101 Fansite owner. I was very lucky to be accepted by our amazing W101 & P101 Community Managers as a Pirate101 fansite owner back in 2012 (and again last June after my break from both games - because of school). What is a fansite owner? Fansite owners are community members that should love the game just as much as you do but have a website that they have spent a lot of time and money on. They should be doing the things that they should for the love of the community and Kingsisle games and not for codes or attention.

Kingsisle has done things that I don't agree with, but I know they listen which is awesome. I've been in the community nearly five years (in a few weeks) and I know they have listened to players after many complaints. Last year, many players have complained about Kingsisle not releasing any upcoming Pirate101 teasers about updates saying the game would be shut down. Kingsisle said on the December Producer's Letter that they would release a new teaser on a Feedback Friday (which they did early last month). Pirate101 is still going to shut down according to those who said they wouldn't release a spoiler. LOL! I have to laugh about that because Kingsisle is apparently hard at work on new updates. I've been optimistic, and apparently being optimistic is not a good thing.

I've been criticized for supporting Kingsisle through tough times. I'm a fansite owner and I'm a puppet. Uh... no. I could post many blog posts from the past that prove that I'm not a "Kingsisle Puppet". I've supported Kingsisle and the community for many years and being called names is really sad. I created this blog before I even knew what a fansite was. If you read my first blog post, you'll read that I wanted everyone to play Wizard101 because I enjoy playing it. This first blog post was made nearly six years ago. I love Kingsisle games and the community even if Kingsisle emailed me today and said that they didn't want me on their fansite list. I created this blog for memories. I am NOT a puppet.

Fansite owners work hard, even if it doesn't seem like it. I don't always have time to make posts with school, but when I do, I try my best to make it the best post or event for everyone. All of the other fansite owners do too. All bloggers really work hard on their blogs just for you to read. If somebody doesn't own a website and makes tweets about how much they love a game, ruining their day because you'd rather hurt others does not mean you're right and everything you say will go. If it did, I'd ask you for the next lottery ticket numbers, really! Please, respect others. It seems that many forget the true meaning of respect. It might seem that I'm rude making this post, but I wanted to get it out and let everyone know that I'm not a Kingsisle Puppet because I love the game.

"Treat others the way you want to be treated"


Nicholas LionRider said...

Are most of them puppets, yes. Is that a necessary bad? No not at all. Fansite owners/community leaders/popular figures/etc. always become puppets to some extent, they just don't realize it. The reason they do this but are unaware is because they have direct contact the company that gives them this "power".

The reason some fans get upset with the fansite owners saying they "side with KI" is because in most cases (if not all in the 7 years I've played), they do. The most negative thing you will usually hear is "I wasn't a 'fan' of this feature", but never the anger or frustration provided by most players in regards to topics. The topic of "puppeteer" usually appears during an event where KI (or again any gaming company really) makes a big mistake, either in marketing or customer service, and the only ones that seem to defend ARE the official sites.

Again, I don't necessarily get mad at this, but it is an unavoidable fact. Usually the excuse from official sites is "They are people too and don't deserve the hate, etc. etc." but that comes from a place of personal connection. If Blaze LifeHammer gets invited to go to KI, hang out with the team, has their cellphone numbers, that is a much different relationship than Timothy from Arizona that had his account permanently banned from some type of problem.

The reason most fans get upset is because the fansites usually try to play devil's advocate and see the best in the company they support. When they say "They are trying their hardest" that is coming from a place with little evidence and comes off as you coming up with excuses for them. It's a nice sentiment, but in most it comes off as them speaking for KI, refusing to see the other point of view. You have to consider, if there is a major problem affected hundreds of thousands of people, and only a handful of say 10 people are the ones that disagree (and they all happen to coincidentally be public figures) it comes off as kinda sketchy.

I know as a fact you guys aren't "puppets" but the greater community uses that term since you guys seem to not share the same popular opinion as the larger fanbase. Sometimes KI CAN be in the wrong. Sometimes they make a drastic decision that shouldn't be justified. It's okay to admit, but as leaders that the greater community looks up to, it is a big slap in the face. Whether or not you guys see it, you have "fanbases" and when all 2000+ fans side with option A, and you are the only who chooses option B, it seems odd to them.

I've known you personally for years, so I know you aren't a bad guy by any means. And in some cases, you guys are definitely in the right defending KI. If you side with KI about not sharing your password, obviously I will support that, but things like the Tomato exploit, pet snack exploits, not completely refunding lost items after accidental bans, should be rightfully criticized.

Aaron said...

Looks like someone really offended you in recent times by calling you a puppet of KI or something similar.

I dont think the fansite owners are puppets. I think they are just what we are, fans of Wizard101. They devote more time than us in spreading the news/updates about Wizard101 to the farthest ends of the World. They keep the long time Wizard101 fans informed while generating favorable reviews about the game to the newcomers, all the while helping this community grow and bond together.

Dont let a few people opinion upset you. Majority of us know how much hard work the fansite owners do and we appreciate you for that.