April 28, 2016

Around The Spiral's Old Headers: How Many Do You Remember?

Hi there!

I wasn't planning on making a Birthday themed post this early, but I decided to make this post early as a Throwback Thursday sort of post! :D Most of you know that I've been making posts for awhile, and with the well over thousand posts that I've made, I've also had different headers. I wanted to make this short little post with the headers and ask you a nice question. Of the ELEVEN below, how many of the old headers (yes many are missing) do you remember seeing when reading my website?! Comment below!


Autumn DreamWalker said...

Wow, so many headers!!! I remember all of them except the second to last one that says "Happy Holidays". It would be cool to see who made them all :D If you remember :P

Simon said...

Wow, so many cool headers. Looking forward to seeing more such innovative works from you in days to come :D