April 26, 2016

Wizard101 After Dragonspyre: What Needs To Change

Hello Wizards!

I usually don't make rant posts like this, but I decided to make another today about how much Wizard101 has changed after Dragonspyre. Let's talk about what the game was like before all of the other worlds and updates after Dragonspyre were released.

Back in the day, Malistaire was the main boss. He had A LOT of health, but he didn't cheat at all. You could go through this dungeon solo or with friends to go through a little bit faster. The only thing that you had to worry about was running out of health or if somebody teleported and got to a major battle and fled. The storyline was amazing because we had one person we had to stop from destroying the spiral (like the Armada on Pirate101). We were focused on saving the spiral by defeating bosses from Wizard City to Dragonspyre. We didn't have Cheats, Advanced Pets, Critical & Block, Jewels, or Shadow Magic. Most of the things we have today are used to stop cheating bosses but are not as effective. Darkmoor is an example of how difficult the game has gotten since Malistaire's first dungeon. Can you solo Darkmoor? Of course. You have to have a lot of experience, the best gear in the game, and many other talents to solo this dungeon. I've tried soloing this dungeon and I didn't make it past the first boss on my ice wizard. If you don't have anybody online to help you through this, you might not make it past the dungeon. If you do, you will need a lot of time on your hands because you'll be in one dungeon for hours and hours to not get what you want. I might farm Darkmoor when the level cap is raised to 150. :P The Tower Of The Helephant is a great example of how things are changing. I remember going through the Tower of Helephant with a group back when it was first released and we barely made it through. You needed the right gear and everything to solo it. This was a side quest, but now we're dealing with main quests that have bosses and dungeon like this dungeon.

Cheating Bosses are not easy to fight, especially with the direction the game is going with them. I think simple cheats in Celestia were pretty cool, then things started changing when most of the bosses (at least the bosses you want gear from) cheat. I still have my level 60 gear from the Waterworks because I couldn't farm any of the dungeons mostly because I didn't have time to. I'm glad they still useful, at least with help. Recently, I had to stop questing my ice wizard because he has to stop on certain bosses and dungeons because they have way too many cheating bosses. It's not fun having to wait to quest, especially on a game you love. I can tell the game is starting to focus more on the storyline, especially with the release of Polaris. I can't wait to play, but I hope they change the direction of cheats. I know a lot of people won't agree with me, but I started the game soloing through Dragonspyre. I can't solo without the best gear, knowing all of the cheats, and many other things. I hope Kingsisle changes their direction and thinks about all of the other players having difficulty on the game. I don't hate Kingsisle or Wizard101 at all, but I hope they think about what cheats will be like at level 200. If they're worse than what they are now, I won't be able to quest as much as I have (maybe a level every two years? LOL).  Anyways, this was something I was thinking about today. PLEASE stop putting so much focus on cheating bosses. That will help out a lot, and players won't need as much. I know new things are fun, and many of the things that have been added to the game are a lot of fun, but not when you still can't get through cheating bosses.


Unknown said...

I play as William ThunderSword, and I have to agree!

Nicholas LionRider said...

Wizard101 seemed to add so much following Dragonspyre that it detracted from what the core game was. Although the things like cheating, new schools, shadow magic, gear, pets, etc. has all made the game more difficult, to me it also made it more confusing. Starting in Celestia players randomly had to learn all these new mechanics which make it seem like a totally different combat engine. Sad part is, I have a feeling we are close to another "combat overhaul" in arc 3. But if you compare how you fight dungeons in Darkmoor vs Dragonspyre there is a major difference besides just damage.