May 18, 2016

Betrayed By Monkey King! :O

Ahoy Pirates!

It's Wednesday! That means that... It's Wednesday. Okay, not that much fun. Okay, I won't lie it certainly is a great day for me because I'm finally off of school for Summer Break! I've had a lot of times to make blog posts, but I've been looking for the Pirate101 Test Realm. Valencia Part 2 will be released soon (even though I'll pretend Edward Cringle knows nothing about Valencia Part 2). I can't wait! The test realm should be released this week or sometime next week. I hope to see you there testing the new update out with me. :D

Other than the Test Realm, I've been looking forward to completing Mooshu. On my last blog post, I had to fight Stormzilla and six Tengu Goblin Sorcerers to retrieve the Jade Egg that the Dragon King wanted in return  for one wish or the return of Monkey King's staff. I retrieved the egg and returned to the Lake Floor to give the Dragon King the egg. I had to be careful because the Koi Guardians were still guarding the king. I swam around and was lucky not to be pulled in. I'm always one to get caught in a battle, especially on Pirate101. I was lucky not to be caught as much on Wizard101, but once I joined Pirate101, I've had to fight hundreds of enemies that I didn't need to fight (okay maybe not that many :P). Anyways... The Dragon King kept his word and returned the Monkey King's staff to me so I could return it to the Monkey King so he could destroy the lock that was keeping him locked in a cage. By the way!! I leveled to level 47 after completing that quest. One step closer to 50!

I sailed back to the Monkey King's Cave and gave Monkey King his staff and to my not being surprised, he betrayed me and ended up summoning other monkeys to fight me. I didn't have as many issues this time around defeating the four or five monkey king lookalikes mostly due to having the right companions. I always level my companions close to my level and of course promote them if needed. I always say that, but I'll say it again just in case there is somebody new reading. Just a little bit of advice! Also.. just a warning to all of you pirates out there... Monkey King is going to betray or already has. :P After I defeated the Monkey King, Shunzang The Wize told me in a letter that he knew the Monkey King would betray me and wanted me to return to the Eternal Serenity to talk to him about it. It looks like it'll take a little while to sail there so I am going to end this post right now. Thank you all for reading. I know this post has nothing to do with Valencia Part 2, but I'll mention it again.. Look at all of the Pirate101 Social Media for updates! We should have the test realm very soon. :D Let's continue to support Pirate101 as much as we can. Now.. I'm going to take my leave. Until next time, I'll see you around the skyways. :D

Ha, I forgot to take a screenshot of Shunzang. Enjoy this image of my Witchdoctor in Valencia 1. :D

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