May 12, 2016

Dear, Kingsisle!

I'm a fan of Wizard101 and Pirate101. I have been for nearly seven years. I actually joined the game on July 4th, 2009. Why? It was actually storming and I didn't think I'd make it out to the park to view the annual firework show that my town has. I decided to sit in my room most of the day because I was sad that I might not be able to attend the firework show. That was until I found a special commercial about one of the best games out there called Wizard101!

I remember seeing Malistaire (the lightning is pretty awesome, I won't lie). I couldn't believe how amazing the graphics were and how much the game related to me. I decided to create an Ice Wizard because I LOVE Winter. At the time, I had severe anxiety and depression, and I decided to play this to see if somehow it got my mind off all of that. This game helped me get through so much and thanks to your work I was able to overcome many of my fears.

Three years later, Pirate101 was released! I was looking forward to this game since I found out about it about a year into playing Wizard101. This game has many amazing features, like Wizard101. I created a buccaneer during my play in Beta, but after that, a Witchdoctor once it was released to the public! This game is just as an amazing game as Wizard101 to me. Every detail all of you put into both games is very important and I know you care about what the community thinks. I really didn't know what a game team was like before playing Wizard101, but I'm very thankful each and every one of you. I know keeping games alive is very important. I wanted to spend this time to thank you, all of you (you know who you are) for all of the work that you have done for this game. I'm sure it was a lot of hard work but you have always listened to the players and that really means a lot to a lot of us. I wanted to make this post as a thank you for all of your hard work. I wanted to let you know that it is a video game, but it is a lot more to many people around the world and we are very thankful for all of the hard work you are and have put into these amazing games. Keep going! Keep living! Stay strong, Kingsisle!

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