May 13, 2016

Edward Wintergem Solos a Khrysalis Dungeon

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having an amazing Friday (not going to mention the date, but it is always your choice to look). I actually had a great day because I was able to quest in the game again. :D Now before I talk anymore about it, I want everyone to know that I'm still supporting Kingsisle no matter what. I love the games, game team and the community. Please accept that we all have different opinions and my opinion of Kingsisle shouldn't put me in a spot where I always have to defend myself. Accept and move forward with your life just like I am by playing the game. We all have to move forward with life now, and accept what happened. Don't blame somebody if they support Kingsisle. We all have our reasons to support them or not. I will support them and readers here also do, and that's awesome! If you're up for it, now we should show Kingsisle all of the support we can through this time. Especially Tom, our community manager, since he has more work now than he did previously. Thank you for all your hard work! Hopefully, things get back on track from here on out. Speaking of getting back on track...

Today I actually soloed a dungeon with my ice wizard for the first time in years! Well.. I guess I shouldn't say years, but a dungeon like this is something I'd never try alone. I didn't have anything else to do this morning so I decided to try! I had to solo through "The Black Hole" dungeon in The Hive, Khrysalis. I remember questing through with Autumn last year and it wasn't difficult but I remember having to go through the same dungeon two times! I was worried the same thing would happen today since it happened last year. Well.. I'll let you know at the end of the post if it did. :P The first fight was life minions, and they were pretty easy to defeat! I couldn't believe Kan Po was on their side. I mean, he's always by my side when I'm questing with my Witchdoctor. Could I stop talking about Pirate101 on this post? Uh. Okay. I will stop. Anyways..... :P The second fight also had minions, death minions, and both fights were pretty easy especially this second fight. You know ice boosts when fighting a death enemy, so my snow angel above was pretty powerful. I wasn't that worried about these two beginning fights since my ice wizard has plenty of resistance, damage and most of all, Health.

The Final fight in this dungeon had a Myth Boss with 24,000 Health. MYTH. I love the myth school and think it's powerful, but not when it's being used against me. I had plenty of Stun blocks ready for this fight (btw, special hank you and shoutout to Duelist101 for the guide). I was worried most of the time that this boss would use Earthquake, but I was pretty lucky, because he didn't. I was doing great until the middle of the fight when I realized that I didn't include many shields in my deck. I had plenty of heals, but I always include shields during boss fights. I actually made it down to 1800 health (my ice wizard has a max of  6200 health). I was thinking I'd have to end this fight, but I kept trying. After a few heals, I was able to hit the boss with a powerful Mammoth and Frost Giant (since I was 500 health off from defeating him). Shortly after I found Old Cob! I'm not going to explain the entire storyline since many of you already know. I'm just glad that my wizard made it through this dungeon without repeating it. Woooot! Now.. It's time to try to make it to Polaris soon. I really want to make it through that world on this wizard before other worlds are released. It seems we'll have another world later this Summer or Fall. We'll see! Okay.. I'm done typing for now. Thank you for reading this post. :) Until next time, I'll see you around the Spiral!

EPIC Photo! I love the cutscenes on the game now. :D

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