May 4, 2016

I'm Ready For Summer & Wizard101!

Hi there!

I hope all of you having a great day. I know I am because I'm thinking about how many fun times I've had on this website. I can't believe that nearly six years ago, I created this website with Mary Dreamshade! I guess I'm shocked because it feels like it was just yesterday that I created it (it wasn't called Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem - more like Wizard101). It turned into "The Life of an Ice Wizard" and eventually what it is today. :D I've had many moments on this website! I'm glad I can still stop here every now and then and make blog posts about the game and a few times online safety posts to keep you safe online! I wanted to make this short little post thanking all of you for your support over the past 6 years! Speaking of this website, I can't wait to get back to blogging again. The events this Summer will be a lot of fun. :) Seriously.. I'm ready to have events on the game again. I hope we can have a few contests too! I promise I'll have more Wizard101 posts soon, including a little information about a new Wizard101 event that I'm planning on hosting! I'll let you know more soon. Until then, I'll see you around the Spiral. :D

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