May 12, 2016

No Bullying on this Website

Hi there,

I wanted to make this post letting everyone know that this website is a Kingsisle related website. If you don't like Kingsisle by not supporting them, do not view a Wizard101/Pirate101 website. This summer I will play the games and frankly, comments will not be approved if they are bullying me and/or have bad language. I'm not afraid of you and will report you if you continue doing what you're doing this Summer, I will report you. This is a reminder to stay away from my blog, Twitters, and other Social Media. If I have to warn you again, you'll be reported. I don't mind criticism and have published comments in the past, but I will NOT allow bullying on this website. This is a family-friendly website and you might have it on your Twitter and real life but it will not be published here. This was just a reminder. I feel bad that I can't even include a comment system where everyone can comment without it having to be approved. I was actually planning on changing that this Summer since I didn't have any evil comments on my blog, ever, but you ruined that. Now. That's it. Stay away from me. Stop spending so much of your life hating somebody. There is much more to life than that. Let me live in peace, and that will be the end of that. All I want to do is have fun this Summer is play the games, not deal with people who think it's okay to hate somebody they don't even know. I don't hate you, but I will say that I don't agree with your bullying and that needs to stop.

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Destiny Dragonheart said...

I agree with you 110%. There is way too much bullying going on in game and online and some of it is spawned by adults. It's a real shame that this "family" game has to suffer for it. It's not a very good example for the young people who play.