May 3, 2016

Social Media and A Note to Blog Readers

Hi there,

I wanted to make this short little blog posts to let you know that I'm no longer going to personally be on Social Media. I am going to have tweets and/or Facebook messages going out through there from now on to update everyone when I have published new blog posts. I'm also adding a new feature to this blog to let you sign up to give you alerts when I've published a new blog post, called "Follow By Email"

-- Edit --

I decided to only take a break on Twitter. I will still have the follow by email option and blog post tweets going on there. I will no longer reply to anyone or make individual tweets like I have. I will be back. I will also make sure that nobody is bullying every now and then. I can't leave and allow this to continually happen. This is much more than being offended by opinions. I love different opinions (unless they hurt somebody), but I don't like bullying at all. I made a Twitlonger explaining more. If you would like to read it. Click the link below!


Cheyenne Caster said...

I'm sorry to see you go. It really sucks to have such an amazing community member leave. but at least you are handling it correctly.

Aaron said...

I am sorry and surprised to see you go. Hope you change your mind and come back ASAP