May 13, 2016

Stupendor-X VS Stormzilla (Edward Cringle)

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having an amazing Friday. It's finally Summer Break for me! That means I'm able to quest and blog a lot more. :D I can't tell you how much I missed making new posts. Now, before I begin to make this post I'm going to let you know that I still support KI and both of their games. That is my choice and you don't have to agree with it, but you should accept that everyone has different opinions. The last few days have been crazy, but I think things will get back on track soon. Hopefully, the support shown will help keep the game alive. Valencia Part 2 will be released next week (so test that out if you can). Now to get back to the main point of this post.. Edward Cringle!

Today I had a chance to log onto the game and complete a quest that I've been wanting to work on since Spring Break. I was able to fight Stormzilla! On my last post, I found out from the Dragon King that I had to obtain the Jade Egg for him in order to get a wish/Monkey King's Staff back from him. Now.. I'm a fan of Iron Man, really robots in general, and I can't tell you how much it is to be a robot on this game! Well.. I think he's a robot. I had to use Stupendor-X, a vessel of the Titans, to get rid of the threat Stormzilla. Stormzilla was actually destroying the temple where the Jade Egg was located and I had to get rid of him before I could make my way to the Jade Egg. 

The Stormzilla battle was, simple. You had to defeat Stormzilla. Every now and then he would summon eggs (view the second image above) and eventually those eggs would hatch into Stormzillas that were not as strong but enough damage will bring your health down. The Boss Stormzilla had just about 2,900 health. The attack card options were not enough to defeat him, so I had to hit him with simple attacks which eventually defeated him. My advice to you would be to save area attacks because the summoned Stormzillas will start attacking you by gathering around you. Make sure they are gathered around the boss so you can hit them and the boss at the same time. Keep all of your focus on defeating the main boss! After I defeated the Stormzilla boss, I had to defeat six of the Tengu goblin sorcerers.

These fights were not that difficult, as you should always be prepared. I always choose my best companions that can get me through a fight. Always make sure they are close to your level. It helps out because the higher level they are, the better chance they'll have more health and hit more damage on an enemy. Shortly after I took my screenshots above for this blog post.. I mean... After I defeated the Tengu Sorcerers, I found the Jade Egg! It took a lot of work, but all hard work eventually pays off, right? :D Finding this jade egg means that I have to end this post before it is too much to read. Until next time, I'll see you around the skyways. :D

I hope the Dragon King returns the Monkey King's Staff! He will, right? Hmm I hope so. Okay I'm leaving now. Bye!

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Unknown said...

Honestly this had to be my most favorite quest of Mooshu.