May 16, 2016

Valencian Steed Mount!

Ahoy Pirates!

Are you ready for Book 15 (Valencia Part 2)? It's planned to be released this week/ today and Pirate101 is celebrating their new book release by giving away a free permanent mount to all pirates that follow the following rules below.

Be sure to check your emails (Spam) for more information about this mount. You can also click on the image above for a link to Pirate101's website explaining when you'll receive your mount if you follow the rules above. Get ready for Book 15! Support Pirate101! Test Book 15 in the test realm this month and play in the live realm if you enjoy it!! :D We can always show Pirate101 how much we enjoy the game so they make more worlds for us (quality over quantity). Note: Be sure to buy your crowns on the Pirate101 Website. Thank you Kingsisle! 

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