June 21, 2016

A Note To Readers

Hi there,

I wanted to make another post about what happened over the week on Twitter. This will be a lighter side of how I'm feeling about all of this. I don't want to play victim over all of this, but I can't say that this didn't hurt me and make me feel bad about who I am as a person. I know I'm a good person and I want to support everyone for being who they are no matter who they are as long as they're not using hate against someone because I don't support hate at all.

I went to an amazing Wizard101 event yesterday and had a chance to meet all of the wonderful Instagram wizards. They're amazing, trust me! Calamity SkullFlame, Cody Star, and Iridian Willowglen were behind this amazing event. You could tell all of the wizards there were very nice and welcoming, at least that's what I got from it. I was worried to interact with everyone. I'm usually not quiet during events, but I'm already worried about saying anything on the game without having so many run up to me and have the same thing happen again.

I'm not worried about somebody disagreeing with me about the situation that happened a few days ago, but I am worried that this will continue with endless bullying because I have different opinions about things. I had put myself in a parental position a few days ago because I felt that something was not right and I stood up against that. Doing so actually led to me being called probably more names than I've ever been called in my life (I don't remember this many at all), being made fun of because of my Religion, who I, only one person, supports in Politics which doesn't matter at all, my website and many other things that I will not mention on this post.

This might be hard to let go of because of how sad I am that this happened. I'm not saying that I've been here longer so you have to respect me, but I remember welcoming quite a few of that group to the community on Twitter when they made their first tweet. I am not a bully at all for worrying about somebody's choice. My opinion could be wrong but that does not give you a right to send 40 people to bully somebody because of their opinions. I have just as much a right as you do to say that maybe I was wrong - even though I don't feel I was. Bullying somebody and saying it's not bullying, it's just? What is it exactly? I would like to know what you think it was that so many people had to make somebody feel bad like that.

The only thing that would make me feel worse than I do now is that somebody else is bullied by so many people that feel it's okay to make somebody feel bad. I don't want to see anybody in the #twizard or offline in real life being bullied by one person yet alone nearly 40. I'm sure there are more that have shown support of this bullying and I don't like thinking of this. It makes me not even want to talk or interact with anyone because I'm worried you're just hiding until you're ready to kick me down while I'm already down on the ground.

There are however many good things that have come out of this. I know there are many amazing people in the community (and in real life) that do not support bullying. I'm glad there are people in the world like this because that's the way to make the world a better place - standing up against bullying of anybody no matter who they are. I do not support any kind of hatred against anyone and just because a few say that doesn't make it so.

I love God and I know he loves everyone, I support a politic that many might not support but that doesn't mean I don't support all religions/people. I wouldn't bully my worst enemy because I believe showing hate with hate will just make the fire burn even more. I made this post not to hate, but to let those who have bullied me or are planning on bullying me because everyone else is doing it and getting a lot of retweets, likes, and praise doesn't mean you're a bad person. It means that you need to stop and put yourself in my shoes and how I feel or somebody else feels that you have bullied. I hope you're not bullied by nobody here or outside in real life. I don't believe anybody should be bullied on anything no matter how unique they are. I'm not saying I'm unique, I'm only saying I'm me and I'm happy to be who I am.

Acceptance is a major part of peace and how Love will truly win. Accepting that everyone has different opinions and choices. My opinions and choices are different from yours, just like yours are different from another reader and so on. I love Vanilla Cookie Dough cream! You might like Mint Chocolate Chip.  You wouldn't show any hate for that because if everyone was the same and loved the same ice cream, Birthday parties would never be the same! Just like the world would never be the same if everyone had to agree with you, or you had to agree with me no matter what and you had to like it because you wouldn't have a right to different opinions. Please accept that everyone is different and there is no reason to bully anyone because of different opinions and choices. It's okay if you don't agree with me, but it is not okay to bully me or anybody else no matter how many people it is. This is a way to spread hate and I will not accept that especially if it's somebody else in the community.

I hope I can move on after all of this and get back to my normal posts, tweets, and normal activites. The only thing I will apologize about is involving those who had been involved in this. The last thing I want is for you or anyone else to be bullied just as I have. I accept that I have been bullied but I am also going to accept that it's time to move on after this post of getting my true feelings out about this entire situation. If you truly know who I am, you'll know that  I'm not a bully or any of the other names that others have called me. I'm human and I know who I am as a person. I'm a good person that supports everyone as long as they're not using anything for hate. Now. That's all I have to say. I just wanted everyone to know this was much more than drama to me. It really made me feel bad about myself and I've never felt this way before but I've also had so many amazing people out there remind me not to listen to those who are trying to make me feel worse. I'm going to listen to you now after this post. I really wanted to get this post out so you know how I felt about all of this. I'm ready for a new fresh start of new posts, talking to all of you because I love interacting with you. I don't want somebody who apparently hates me to take that part of me away from all of you. I also want to make blog posts and have events that get the community together without the worry about somebody showing up and bullying me or one of you. The way to do that is to continue doing what I did and not letting them win. I will not back down and I will continue doing what I have done since I joined this community and that is continue supporting all of you for who you are and trying to make the community a better place for everyone no matter their opinions, choices or beliefs. I would also like to thank you all for your amazing support. You're all great people and I'll never forget the support you have shown me in the past few days. I said a few days ago that it was time to get back to normal tweets but I really wasn't ready. I feel so much better now just by getting how I feel about all of this out to all of you. I'm still sad, but most of all thankful that there are so many great people in this world to stand up against bullying. Give yourselves a pat on the back for not only being great community members but showing the strength that you have to stand up against it. I don't care if you believe what I believe or not, I'm just glad that no matter what, you have been able to look past that and stand up for what you believe in too. As long as it's good and not bad. Thank you all again.

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