June 1, 2016

Christmas in July: Santa Run Event!

Hello Wizards!

Everyone here knows I love Christmas and that there is no way that I could wait another 6 months until the next Santa Run. I've decided to have another Santa Run this month for the community! This event will take place on Saturday, July 16th at 1:00 P.M. CST. I have all of the important information such as where we'll be running, what to wear, and giveaway information below. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. :)

Christmas in July Santa Run

11:00 A.M. PT
12:00 P.M. MT
1:00 P.M. CST
2:00 P.M. EST

The Commons, Greyrose Realm 
Everywhere the video spins around my wizard is where we'll take a short break to wait for everyone to catch up. You can find all of that in the video above. :)

Edward Wintergem (Me)
Autumn Dreamwalker

Click this image for more information about Santa Run Giveaways!

What do I wear?
Wear your Santa Suits OR you can dye your gear Red & White

- We'll run around Wizard City (view video guide above), and then teleport to Autumn's House for a Christmas House Tour and after we'll teleport to my ice wizard's Polarian house. There will be random gifters during this event as mentioned on my contest post, so make sure you try to stick around until the end. :D Here are a few things to remember:

  • Show Up Early: You never know how fast an area or realm can fill up. If you want to make it to area one, it's best to show up about an hour early and go away from the keyboard until you're ready to come back. :)
  • Watch The Video: We'll be running around Wizard City in our Santa Outfits (or Red & White gear). The video above will show you where everyone will run. 
  • Add Our PortBus Wizards: You should add these wizards (Autumn Dreamwalker - Balance Level 2) AND/OR (Edward Deathgem - Death Level 60) so you're able to teleport to our houses afterwards. 
  • Have Fun! I hope all of you have a great time at this event. This event will be fun and I hope you're all able to attend. Remember to ask any question you might have below!

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Unknown said...

Sounds exciting! That's a long run. My concern would be for those who don't have mounts. They will be slower & fall behind. Wouldn't want anyone to feel left out. Of course if a ton of people show up, kinda hard to keep everyone together! Thank you for doing this, I hope to be there!