June 23, 2016

Icy's Graduation Party (Tomorrow)!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a nice Thursday! Today has been a great day for me, but I'm still looking forward to tomorrow. It will be a great day for getting the community together because of two things, Kingsisle Live AND Icy's Graduation party that will take place later after Kingsisle Live! I wanted to make a post about that today to let everyone know about Spiral Radio 101's amazing co-host, Christina Icedreamer's (Icy), graduation party. :D


Meeting in Nightside in the Vampire Realm

Keep in mind that this is not my event and that I'm only spreading the word about it! By the way... SpiralRadio101's amazing co-hosts Stephen Spiritcaller and Christina will also stream the event. :D This kinda reminds me of the old Wizard101 days! It will be a lot of fun to attend and of course, congratulate Icy on her amazing accomplishment. :D If you would more information about contests and where the after party will be, just click on the image below. I hope to see you at the event!

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