June 19, 2016

The Shadow Fortress: So Many Ninja Pigs!

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having a nice weekend! Today I had a chance to quest my Swashbuckler again. I don't like taking long breaks, but it seems that I will be questing a lot the next month as I'm planning on making more Pirate101 posts than I have as of late.

On my last blog post, I had to fight the Monkey King after I returned his staff to him so he could get out of the cage he was locked in. The fight wasn't that difficult but I was still able to make it through. :) Shortly after defeating him, I found a letter from Shunzang The Wize and in that letter he said he wanted me to return to Subata Temple. Once I returned, Shunzang told me that the only way Monkey King would cooperate would be to get The Crown of Command (which commands him to cooperate). Shunzang told me that I would have to fight my way through the Shadow Fortress to put the Crown of Command into Monkey King's helmet and then return that gear to the monkey king.

I actually remembered what the Shadow Fortress was going to be like because I remember questing through this dungeon not long ago on my Witchdoctor. I knew I would have a lot of Ninja Pigs to fight! I think I had to fight about 20 Ninja Pigs (including one last main boss). There really isn't much to say about this dungeon, only that you should have your main companions, yum, and Doubloons if you need help. I soloed this dungeon and it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. :D Minions from the Crowns Shop also are very helpful since you're able to pick the attacks for them. There are a few fights that you can avoid in this dungeon (shortly after defeating the six Ninja Pigs that are required for one quest in this dungeon). You can avoid those fights by just running around them and that's where you'll meet the boss, Kirigi. This part of the dungeon requires you to only defeat him so you can get all of your attacks ready and attack him as soon as you're ready. Now.. I bet the next few fights will be very difficult because I remember saying many times in the past that I was ready for more dungeons like this. I'll be ready. Nobody can defeat The Cringle!

Shortly after obtaining Monkey King's gear, I had to sail back to Subata Temple to tell Shunzang the good news. Monkey King also arrived to take back his gear and we almost used the Crown of Command on him until he agreed to help us. He told us that he didn't have the Turtle Ball and that somebody else actually had it. Monkey King also said he would help guide me to the Vortex where this boss is located. That's where I decided to stop because I knew I would have a lot to type on this post. :P I love making posts like this, but sometimes it is very hard to remember what happened in the game. I like making posts like this for the storyline and any difficulty I had when questing this character. I hope these posts are also helpful for you. :) Well, it looks like I should take my leave before this post gets too lengthy. By the way, Happy Father's Day to all of the Fathers out there and I hope you have a great day. :) Until next time, I'll see you around the skyways.

OH, and I leveled up to 48 and got Monkey King as a Companion! #WOOT

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