June 16, 2016

VL2: The King & Queen (Level 65-66)

Ahoy Pirates!

I'm happy Book 15 was finally released to Pirate101's Live Realm. We've been waiting for a long time to quest again and learn more about the Armada. Today I decided to quest again to see where I could get without losing too many of my pirate's companions.

Before I talk about what I did today, let me first start out by saying that I do love Valencia Part 2. I'm happy Kingsisle was finally able to release an update and I hope all of you log into the live realm with a membership/crowns to test it out too. I promise I'm not getting paid to say any of this or any support I have given Kingsisle in the past. I love Pirate101 AND Wizard101 and I've been a huge fan of their games. I want all of the fun to continue just like you do if you're reading this post. :D 

I mentioned in the beginning of the post that I was able to quest again on the game. I have missed Pirate101 these past few weeks. I need to start playing a lot more! Today I was able to quest one level (from 65 to 66). It seems Kingsisle fixed all of the bugs we encountered while questing on the test realm. This time,  I decided to quest a little slower  than I did in the test realm and listen to every part of the story so I know what to blog about when I bring Edward Cringle through this part of the game. :D I love Kingsisle's Valencia Part 2 storyline even though it seems like it was rushed to the game (since they were still working on the Kane battle - animation - can't think of the word :P). I still think they did a great job fixing everything. The Royal Guards were a little tough, but I was able to make it through. The Battle Angels were tough, but I was still able to make it through that second fight. So far I think that the difficulty might be right for the update after Aquila. I'll let you know what I think about the next level in another post soon! Until then, I'll see you around the skyways. :D

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