July 28, 2016

My 23rd Birthday Cake!

Hi there!

I hope you're having a wonderful Thursday. I had a great day because it was my Birthday and I was able to spend time with my family. :D You won't believe this, but my wonderful mom & sister made a Wizard101 cake for me today! It was such a wonderful surprise. :D Wizard101 (Kingsisle & Pirate101) has made a positive impact on my life. My Career Path was chosen mostly due to this amazing game. I'm glad they see how important it is to me. :) Happy 23rd Birthday to me! Really.. Who says Wizard101 is only meant for kids? I joined Wizard101 when I was 15, and I'm still as proud of the game as I was back in 2009. :D

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Iridian Willowglen said...

Wow! How nice of them! They did an excellent job too! :D