July 31, 2016

My Souvenir

Hi there!

I hope you had a nice weekend. I can't believe it's already Sunday! This week flew by! It felt like my Birthday was just yesterday. Speaking of my Birthday, I wanted to make a post explaining the Birthday cake that my mom made for me as a surprise on my Birthday.

As a reminder, I'm 23 years old. This cake was made for me as a surprise because they know how much Wizard101 has changed my life. There's nothing wrong with saying that a game like Wizard101 (many might consider a kids game) changed my life. There are many things that change the direction of somebody's life. Sometimes that direction could be in the wrong turn due to something bad (you know what I mean). Other times, something good could change somebody's life. Wizard101 was something that did.

I had severe Anxiety and Depression back when I started Wizard101. In 2008 I lost my Grandmother from Cancer. A few short weeks later I lost one of my favorite Aunts from heart issues & high blood pressure. I was very sad at the time and school was not helping the issues I was going through. In 2009, a year after a lot of issues that I had, I decided to start playing Wizard101. This game was a life changer in many ways because I had many friends (including the community later) help me through those issues and other issues that I had during my time in Wizard101. I still play Wizard101 because I still LOVE it and I still LOVE the community!

I'll say this again. That cake could have been anything else. One great example is that this cake is like a souvenir. If you've ever have traveled somewhere, you've most likely bought a souvenir to remember you trip. This cake is my souvenir because it was a long road to where I wanted to be in life. I finally made it to my destination and my souvenir is this cake as a reminder that I'm happy where I am and where I will be. No matter how tough the road was, I found something that made me happy. There's something that makes you happy too. It could be, or might not be Wizard101. Find that something that makes you happy. I never gave up searching, and neither should you.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday 2016

Your cake is a great souvenir and it is well deserved Edward, Thank you for sharing your inspirational story may Faith, Love and Happiness always be with you.

Your Friend always Linda Naray

Simon said...

The cake looks very delicious. I need to demand one such as this for my next birthday from my parents lol.
Happy birthday to you(belated) :)