July 24, 2016

Why I Deleted Pokemon Go: Likes/Dislikes

Hi there,

I usually don't make blog posts about games outside of Kingsisle games, but I decided to change that and make a post about Pokemon Go today. I downloaded Pokemon Go a few days ago to see why everyone was so addicted to the game and to my surprise I found out why everyone was.. I decided to make this post to let you know what I liked and didn't like about this new Mobile Game hit.


Exercise: This game involves exercise such as walking and running if you're really want to catch a new Pokemon (or whatever they're called). Being Outside and exercising is good and can help you feel better.

Monument Information: I'm sure many of you have heard that you can visit monuments or special areas in your town and learn about these areas. Learning new things is a good thing and so is reading - so I will give an A+ to this app for that.


No Awareness of Surroundings: This game does let everyone know that they should be around their surroundings, but this game is proven addictive and people will read past that just to get to the game. In the news, I've heard: People walking out in the middle of traffic, car accidents - including a car crashing into a parked car, walking off cliffs, and many robberies (including a few near my town). I'm glad nobody was seriously injured in any of these incidents, but this game is a game that people today should not play if they're not able to pay attention to their surroundings. I didn't have an issue with that when playing this game, but I can tell why many do.

Reality Is The Best: I am not one to blast a game, but this game is not a game I'd play longterm. There is a beautiful and wonderful universe around us and I'm somebody that doesn't always look down and miss all of that. Remember to take a break from this game (if you do pay attention - please pay attention) and enjoy life itself. It's important to do that with any game. I love video games, but the best world that was ever made is Earth for us and the wonderful universe we live in. Enjoy that!

Why Did I Delete Pokemon Go?

I deleted Pokemon Go as a reminder that even though everyone is playing a certain game, that doesn't mean I have to play the game too. I also deleted it because I can tell it's a great game but I'm somebody that could easily not be aware of what I'm doing. I actually did skip past that be aware of your surrounding popup! I think this is great game for people that are ALWAYS aware of their surroundings and even though I feel like I am - this game is not for me. I usually don't download apps on my Cell Phone anyway because I only use it for calling & texting and that is it! That's all I have to share with you all today. Stay safe and don't forget that the best world/universe ever created is the one that we live in now. :D

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