July 14, 2016

Wizard101: Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet

Hello Wizards!

Kingsisle has officially launched a new Wizard101 Bundle, the Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet, at Target & Walmart for $39! This new bundle has a new gauntlet called "The Great Glock Tower" for wizards to run through. There are also many other amazing items that are shown in Kingsisle's Official video below! The thing I love most about this new bundle is that it's a Valencian related bundle. Valencia Part 2 was recently released on Pirate101 and this shows wizards special hints not only about Valencia but how much fun Pirate101 is. Check out Pirate101 if you haven't already! It is a Kingsisle game and supporting Pirate101 supports Kingsisle. :) Anyways, if you would like more information about this special bundle, click play on the video below or click on the image just below the video.

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