August 22, 2016

First Day Of Class


I've been so busy today working homework. You wouldn't believe how much homework my teachers gave me - a few teachers gave me homework and I didn't even attend my first day of that class yet. That's college life!

Homework Schedule

I decided to make a sort of homework schedule for myself this week so I don't get behind on any of my assignments. I actually have Sticky Notes open on my desktop with a list of all of my classes and due dates for certain assignments. I don't know how long I'll be able to keep that up since I've been working on homework all day and still have a lot of work to turn in.

Every start of the semester makes me worry I won't be able to complete homework, but I'm sure after last semester, I can make it through this one. I hope I'm able to turn in all of my assignments for all of my classes this semester on time. Sometimes I miss a few and that lowers my grade a little bit. I'm focusing on getting good grades, but most of all trying my very best.

Starting Web Design 2

Web Design 2 is going to be a class that I'll have to pay a lot of attention to. My last web design class looked a lot simpler than this advanced class. I guess that's why you call it an advancement? :P I'm looking forward to the challenge, but I hope it's not too challenging. This was my first class for the day.. Tomorrow I have Object Oriented Programming - which I'm also looking forward to!

I guess I should end this post for now because I have to start on my Introduction to Scripture homework. Yes, it requires reading a bible. I know my Bible, so the reading for this class is mostly review for me. It's nice that my college offers classes like this! I'll let you know how that class is in a week or so - or whenever I'm able to make another short blog post... Now... I'm going to end this post. Here's a nice song I've had in my head all day! It's not a 1990s or 2000s song, but worthy enough to be one since it's an amazing song. Enjoy.


Destiny Dragonheart said...

Thanks Edward for posting this song,loved it.

Edward Lifegem said...

Of course! It's actually become a recent favorite of mine (even though it was released in 2012). :)