August 12, 2016

Pirate101: Cotton Candy Adventure #2

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having an awesome Friday! I've been updating my website and questing on both games as much as I wished I could have this Summer. I'm glad I'm doing it now because I have special plans this month and this Fall. My plan is quest more than I did the previous years. I think if I get a headstart on reading and don't procrastinate this year, we'll be great! Anyways.. Pirate101.. Cotton Candy?

Today I decided to start questing my swashbuckler again after a long break. I think the last time I made an Edward Cringle post was the beginning of Summer (if you count the months - that many months from now will be the Holiday season ;D). I'm sorry for such a long break. I really don't think I wanted to quest this pirate as much because I was mostly planning for school long before I should have. The good thing about that break is that I'm ready to make a lot more posts than I have lately. I should really get back to Edward Cringle now! Today I logged into the game to find one of the Turtle Balls. Monkey King had it, but a boss in a Cotton Candy vortex had it. Today we had to fight that certain boss to obtain the Turtle Ball.

Count Brastillo De Brass, a monkey Captain with 2,255 health, was the main boss on this ship. He had a few crew members with health ranging from 1,315 to 1,491 health. I had to defeat all of the enemies on this ship. I think this boss and his crew members might have had too much cotton candy because they were not difficult to defeat all. I only had to bring my original best companions into the battle. :) I defeated him without any issue, so that was pretty amazing. We took the Turtle Ball from him, but I wish we would have taken some cotton candy too. I'm sure Kingsisle had cotton candy on their mind when they made this Vortex. Who doesn't like cotton candy?? After we defeated the boss, we had to sail back to Subata Temple to tell Shunzang the Wise the news. With all good news comes more quests! :P He told us that there were a few four more Turtle Balls that we had to collect in the Temple of the Winds. Our first, next quest will be traveling to the Temple of the North Wind in Ashen Roads. This is where I'll end this post until I'm able to talk about my next quest. Until then, I'll see you around the skyways. :D

Seriously, KI. You owe me some Cotton Candy!

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