September 26, 2016

College Update + The Debate!


Long time, no talk.. I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in nearly a month. You would not believe how busy I've been with homework and tests. All is going well, I still have A's in all of my classes! ;) I'll talk more about managing to keep those A's in another post but I decided to talk about something else today.

The Debates

How many of you are looking forward to watching the debate tonight? I am looking forward to it. I won't tell you who I'm voting for, but I do wish both candidates good luck tonight. 100 million people will be watching the Debate tonight across multiple platforms, according to ABC. So, you most likely know somebody that's going to watch the debate tonight at 9/8 Central.

I wanted to finish my homework before this debate because I thought it would be nice to support the candidate that I want to vote for which is Kanye West. JK. I had to include something here to brighten the mood.

I think I need to stop talking before I tell you who I'm really voting for. :P I do encourage everyone that's voting age to watch the debates tonight. It's also good to do research before you vote for who you want to vote for. After you do all of that, go and vote for who you think is the right candidate! That person who wins will be leading the most powerful and free country in the world for four years.

Now... This video below is all for good fun. I wish both of them good luck at the debates! Don't worry about me offending anyone, I'm just including this video for good fun. I actually laughed and I'm voting for one of them. Dance Off!!

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