September 4, 2016

Pirate101: Arrrgust Whale Contest Winners!

Ahoy Pirates!

Thank you all for entering my Pirate101 Contest. Thank you to everyone who followed the rules of my Arrrgust Whale Contest. I'm glad over 50 of you followed the rules of this contest. Now.. I'm sure you're ready for the winners of the answer to the Whale Contest. First, here are the questions & answers. Keep scrolling for the winners! All winners have already been emailed their codes. :)

Question 1:
These whales are usually black or dark brown with streaks of paler color on their lateral sides, and a distinctly paler belly. It has a notably pointed rostrum and a single ridge on its head. What type of whale is this?

Antartic Minke Whale

Question 2:
This whale is one of the largest animals to have ever existed on Earth. This whale usually feeds on the smallest Animal. What type of whale is this?

Blue Whale

Question 3:
These whales are found in tropical and subtropical waters in all of the world's oceans. They are rarely found near the coast except in areas where deep waters come close to the shore, for example, oceanic islands like Hawaii. What type of whale is this?

 Pygmy Killer Whale


1st Prize Winner
10,000 Crowns + Permanent Pygmy Whale
Pretty Marissa

2nd Prize Winner
10,000 Crowns + Permanent Pygmy Whale
Kendrick HIFIGhost

3rd-7th Prize Winners
2,500 Crowns + 7-Day Rental Pygmy Whale
Danish Captain Jenkins
Soualhi Ibrahim
Kai D.
Amy Bak

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