October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Hello Wizards and Pirates!

I wanted to wish all of you a Happy Halloween! Please remember to be safe and of course have fun. :D I'm planning on watching Halloween movies all day and in between carve a pumpkin for tonight. I've been so busy with my classes, but today is a break. I hope all of you had a great day today! Also... remember that tomorrow this website will change from a Halloween themed website to a Christmas themed website. I hope you're ready for that. Anyways... HALLOWEEN, GHOSTS, VAMPIRES, PUMPKINS! Happy Halloween!

Wizard101 & Pirate101 themed Pumpkins from Halloween 2015!

October 30, 2016

Organized Party

Hello Wizards,

I hope you had fun at the Halloween Run yesterday. We've made Wizard101 History! Many wizards have said that about the event yesterday because of the amount of wizards that attended. I wanted to make another post to discuss what happened yesterday with the full houses.

Early Crowd: The crowd started appearing at 8:00 am yesterday. I decided to stay in that area so my wizard would be able to make it to Area One when the party started. We ended up having 5 different areas four hours before the official event started.

The Overall Crowd: was much larger than expected. We were expecting about 100-150 but more wizards showed up. We had around 400 or possibly 500 wizards attend the Halloween Run. This turned into 15 different areas in the Vampire Realm.

We originally planned to teleport everyone from ONE Death House to the Darkmoor Manor after the Scavenger Hunt. We had the second house planned just in case, but we ended up using multiple houses because there were so many that wanted to attend. Keep in mind that I was not expecting a Diary of a Wizard type of crowd. I will admit that I underestimated how many would attend but I'm still happy all of you were still able to have fun at the run itself.

I'm not a fansite owner or a well-known Wizard101 party host. The next time, we will be prepared for more than this party so everyone is able to make it to a house and have fun. I still hope you all had fun. I know I did and I'm thankful for the community. You have no idea how much the Wizard101 community means to me. This party didn't happen to promote myself or this blog, I only wanted to bring the community together. I will continue to do so for the Santa Run and all of the planned parties next year. I'll just be prepared. Thank you for reading! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. :)

Wizard101: Halloween Run 2016 Recap!

Hello Wizards!

Yesterday was an amazing day for the community! This party was such a large party that I think it's safe to say that we made Wizard101 history! We had 400, possibly 500 wizards attend the Halloween Run this year. This was not only the largest party I've hosted with all of our amazing co-hosts (Autumn Dreamwalker, Frostcaller, Michael Frost, and Fallon Fireblade) but also the largest party I've been to in my seven years of Wizard101. We had 15 areas in the same realm and had to use multiple houses! I was hoping to talk to each one of you, but there were just so many people there that I couldn't talk to everyone. I'm glad all of you were able to make it and I hope you're able to make it to the Santa Run on December 17th. Before I share my pictures (which there are many), I want to share the community's YouTube videos of the Santa Run. Keep in mind that not all are in the same area since there were 15 different areas. Please drop a like on all of their videos!

These are all amazing videos and I'm glad each one of you could make it to the event. Please subscribe to their channels! You can click on their names above for a link to their channels. I will also share all other YouTube videos that haven't been uploaded yet on other social media. Thank you all for taking time to make these videos! So other than YouTube videos, we had a lot of wizards submit screenshots of the event! #HalloweenRun2016 on Twitter shows a lot of those screenshots! It was great to see that everyone had a lot of fun even though we had more people than expected. I hope to have a lot more events for everyone next time!

Walkthrough Of The Event

It started with everyone going to Nightside to wait for the event! We had about 70 or 80 wizards four hours before the event. That was a sign we'd have a lot more wizards than expected. I wasn't able to decorate my house, but it was nice hanging out with the community in Area One (of 5 about four hours before the event). 

Witches, Vampires, Angels, Headless Horsemen and Women, Ghostriders, Wolves and much more started running at 4:30 pm CST to the Haunted Cave! I'm pretty sure the wizards that didn't know about this event were shocked to see that many run out of Nightside! We had to travel from and to the spookiest areas in the game. I can't imagine what it would be like if we weren't separated from areas! That would be laggy and pretty awesome!

We teleported everybody from near Nightshade's Tower to Fallon Fireblade's amazing Haunted House, my house, and Frostcaller's house. There were so many wizards, each house kept hitting the max amount of people allowed! I was expecting we'd have enough room in Fallon's house that everyone would be able to participate in the Scavenger Hunt. This Scavenger Hunt, created by Fallon, allowed everybody to run around the house and find specific items relating to each clue that was announced. Everyone who won got two packs each and was also entered to win 10k Worth of Crown Shop Gifts, 5k Crowns + a Costume! Congratulations to Kaitlyn Ironstrider for winning those prizes. I really want to thank Fallon for co-hosting and letting us use her amazing house! I hope y'all had fun there.

This event was a lot of fun and I'm glad all of you could make it! I hope you're ready for the Santa Run that takes place on December 17th. I don't know if I'm going to promote this as much (really depends on if you want another large event like this again). If you do! I'll promote everywhere I can and get everything ready for that. Be sure to check back for details about that and spread the word about the Santa Run on December 17th! The Halloween Run was amazing and I want to thank everyone for helping us make this success! :D Until next time, I'll see you around the Spiral!

October 26, 2016

Wizard101: Mirage Sneak Peek #2

Hello Wizards!

It looks like Kingsisle is planning on releasing the Test Realm again for wizards to test out Mirage. Today Kingsisle released another sneak peek to the community of city streets in Mirage. This image looks pretty cool and a little bit spooky (just in time for Halloween). What do you think of this new image? Kingsisle worlds always have a million stories behind them. I can't wait to test out this world in the Test Realm! Be sure to buy your memberships and crowns now. The Test Realm could be released today, tomorrow, or at the latest, early next week. :D

October 24, 2016

Wizard101: Shinobi Bundle

Hello Wizards!

Today, Kingsisle released information about the new Shinobi Bundle that you can now buy for $29 at Gamestop. Christmas is coming up, so this would be a very special gift for somebody that loves Wizard101 and Ninjas! I mean, who really doesn't love Wizard101 and Ninjas? If you would like more information about this amazing new bundle, click PLAY on the video below!

October 22, 2016

Halloween Run: Today!

Hello Wizards!

Today, I wanted to let you know that we only have one more week until the Halloween Run! This event will take place today at 4:30 pm CST in Nightside (Vampire Realm). I also wanted to make this post to provide a few important details that you should know before attending this event.

#1: Watch The Video

The video below provides detail of where we'll be running in the game. All areas are free areas so everyone is welcome to attend this awesome event! Keep in mind that each spin that my character does in the video below is an area where we'll take a short break for everyone to catch up. We will be running FROM NIGHTSIDE TO THE HAUNTED CAVE NEAR NIGHTSHADE'S TOWER.

No matter what area you're in, please do run to the Haunted Cave at 4:30 pm CST so the portbus wizards can pick you up in the Haunted Cave. Keep in mind that not everyone will make it to area one - but that doesn't mean you won't make it to the afterparty. The video is important so please do click play to watch it!

#2: PortBus Information

We will be teleporting everyone to a Haunted House and then to another PvP house! Depending on how many attend, we will have two different houses ready. Here is a list of names you'll need to add to teleport to the Afterparty (keep in mind this is where most of the gifting occurs).

Autumn Dreamwalker
Level 1 Balance

Chase DeathHand 
Level 110 Death 

Bradley LionWielder
Level 110 Storm 

If you would like a link of CO-HOSTS, please click this hyperlink - HERE -

#3: Family-Friendly Event

PLEASE keep this event a family-friendly type event. That means no bad language or bullying. This event is meant to be fun for everyone, not just a select few. I do want everyone to have a great time and it is possible for everyone to have fun even at a family-friendly event. I can't control what you do, but you have to keep in mind that much younger kids do attend these events and I don't want any of them seeing that. Thank you to all who do behave. 

As a reminder: Do NOT Beg for Gifts. The only way you won't receive a gift is if you don't follow the rules above or beg. You do have a great chance of being gifted something, but keep in mind that this event is not all about gifts. This event is meant to bring ALL of the community together. Thank you for reading and I hope to see you at this year's Halloween Run! 

Please read everything on this post so you're not confused at the event next Saturday!

October 20, 2016

Wizard101: Mirage Sneak Peek!

Hello Wizards!

Yesterday, Kingsisle released a picture of an area in the soon-to-be-released world of, Mirage. From this picture, I'm guessing this world will be a ten level world. I'm pretty sure they have other images to released to us of this new awesome world. Will this world be a Spell or Pet world? That's the real question. I'm guessing it'll be a pet world. I'm going to make a post another day about that.. Until then, here's the picture of the Ruins of Catstantinople.

October 15, 2016

Happy 4th Birth-O-Ween, Pirate101!

Ahoy Pirates!

It's officially Pirate101's 4th Birthday! I can't believe 2012 was four years ago.. Time is flying by! Today marks FOUR years since Pirate101 was released to the public after Alpha and Beta testing. I was lucky enough to be part of the last few days of Alpha Testing and started Beta Testing Pirate101 with a few lucky Pirates that were given Beta keys.

Shortly after Beta and the NDA, we were allowed to share screenshots and videos. You know I love taking screenshots of the game, so I had plenty to share with the community! This game is just as amazing now as it was four years ago. The storyline is my favorite part of this game, with the graphics coming in at a second favorite. IF you haven't played this game yet, you really should download it and try it out. At the end of the day, it's helping Kingsisle continue to be the amazing company that they've always been! 

2012:  Pirate101 Super Beta Bash!

Thank you, Kingsisle for such an amazing game! I want this game to continue it's storyline and I hope more players will join the game once again. This game has so much to do, there's really no way you could get bored with Pirate101 since there is so much to do. This is an amazing game and everyone (including wizards) should really think about trying it out. Happy 4th Birth-O-Ween, Pirate101!

October 14, 2016

Wizard101: Mirage Confirmed!

Hello Wizards!

Tom and Leah announced a new world for Wizard101 on Kingsisle Live today!  They gave a concept art teaser on this episode! I was able to take a few screenshots so I thought I'd share them with you. :D

The talk is that Mirage is expected to be released sometime next month in the Test Realm and hopefully we'll have the new world by Christmas! This is going to be a lot of fun. I can't wait to see if we get new spells OR new pets. If we get new pets, I want my Frost Giant pet on my ice wizard and Storm Lord pet on my storm wizard! :P Well... Here's the concept art teaser. Thank you for the amazing episode of KI Live, Tom and Leah!

Am I A Wizard101 Fansite Owner?

Hello Wizards,

To answer that question right away, No. I wanted to clarify this in a new post after I made my new blog post and all of the new Wizards that has found out about this website after the Contests that I've announced.

Are The Contest Codes Official?

Yes. The codes that I receive are from our awesome Kingsisle community manager, Tom Purdue, and I'm extremely lucky to be able to give these codes away to the community. I really do love giving these away and these recent codes have helped out a lot to promote the Halloween Run.

- I will NEVER ask for personal information in return for codes, only that you follow the rules of my contests.

- As I said before, these codes are from Kingsisle, so there's no need to worry about them being fake.

Not Pretending To Be A Wizard101 Fansite Owner

I've had this website since May of 2010. I love making blog posts about the game because I love the game. I'm not doing this for codes, fame or anything else. I genuinely love Wizard101 and Pirate101. I wouldn't care if I was a Wizard101 fansite owner or not. The only way I'd care is if I wasn't able to blog anymore - which I hope will never happen. :P

I promise I'll never pretend to be something I'm not, but I'll still be making posts and having special events on the game. I mean, they're fun! It takes a lot of work to do all of that, but I don't mind, because this game and the community helped me through a lot more than you know. I also love having these events for everyone to make new friends! Everyone deserves to have a friend. I can't tell you the number of great people I have met through Wizard101 events!

I am a Pirate101 Fansite Owner

I've been a Pirate101 Fansite owner since November of 2012. I also love Pirate101! I was accepted to be a fansite owner for my Pirate101 blog (which you can read by clicking on the Pirate101 Label on the sidebar). I don't make as many blog posts as I did due to school and life, but I'm still a huge fan of both games! These games and the community mean a lot to me and that's the only reason I'm still here after 7 (going on 8) years of Wizard101 and over 4 years of Pirate101. I hope this post clarified everything for you.

If you are worried, don't be afraid to email community@wizard101.com or community@pirate101.com to ask. It's always good to do that if there is a website that gives away codes because you never know if they could be lying. But I'll assure you, if I was, this website would have been taken down years ago! Thank you all for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the Spiral.

Wizard101: Is The New Halloween Pack Worth The Money?

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a great week. I know I am because Kingsisle has surprised us with another game card pack, the Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack, which costs 299 crowns in the Wizard101 Crowns Shop. A lot of wizards have either said this pack is one of the most amazing packs, or it isn't worth the crowns. I decided to give you my take on this new pack!

From new moon staffs, a Jack-O-Lantern Pet that has the card (Headless Horseman), to the Gloomthorn Vine and Bat Swarm Mounts, I'll have to say that this new pack is pretty awesome! I know many of you will think that I'm only saying this because I'm a fansite owner, but that's not the reason at all. 
  • Halloween in '09: In 2009, and a few years after that, we didn't have all of these special items on the game. I actually loved Halloween on Wizard101 in 2009 because of the quests that Jack Hallow gave us and of course Spooky Bob provided us with the Black Cat.
  • Halloween Today: Today, we have new quests from Dworgyn, transformations, new mounts, packs, spells, new Halloween-themed housing decorations, and much more. Any additional Halloween-themed features, such as this new pack, is pretty cool. So as a long-time player of Wizard101, I will say that this new pack is AWESOME. Thank you, Kingsisle!

Click anywhere on this mage to learn more about the Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack!

October 12, 2016

Pirate101 Halloween Contests (Closed)

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having a great week. I can't believe in just a few short weeks, it'll be Halloween! I need to catch up on my Halloween movies like Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas to name a few. Let's get to the point of this post! Our awesome community manager gave me codes to giveaway to you pirates (be sure to check other fansite contests too). I decided to have an Art Contest AND a Raffle. Keep scrolling for more information.

Pirate101 Halloween Ship Contest
Don't Draw This Ship. I want to see something new!

  • Draw/Create a Halloween Ship: I want everyone to draw or create a PIRATE101 Halloween Ship. Here are a few ways you can prove that this is your drawing/creation.
          - Add Your Name! 
          - This Halloween Ship must be Pirate101 Related (not currently on the game).

  • Submit Your Creation: Submit your creation by emailing me, edwardfrostgem@gmail.com, with the Subject as "Pirate101 Halloween Ship". Please include your pirate's name so I know you're a Pirate101 player! 

  • Begins/Ends: This Contest BEGINS TODAY and ENDS OCTOBER 30th! I decided to give you extra time so you're able to try your best. 


1st Prize
Hoodoo Bundle
10k Crowns + the Vampire Glasses
5k Crowns + Jack O' Lantern Paint

*The Hoodoo Bundle also includes 5k Crowns*

2nd Prize
10k Crowns + the Vampire Glasses
5k Crowns + Vorpal Bunny Paint

3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Prize
5k Crowns + Vorpal Bunny Paint

7th & 8th Prize
5k Crowns + Jack O' Lantern Paint


a Rafflecopter giveaway

October 11, 2016

Halloween Run Contests (Closed)

Hello Wizards!

As many of you know, the Halloween Run will take place on Saturday, October 29th. We'll be running from Nightside in the Vampire Realm to Nightshade's Tower. We'll also view a haunted house and have random giveaways at that house. If you would like more information about that, click this hyperlink - HERE -. Our awesome community manager gave me codes to giveaway for Halloween (along with all of the other Fansites), and I decided to use mine to promote and giveaway at the Halloween Run. Keep reading for THREE Contests that I'll be having for now.

#1: Raffle

a Rafflecopter giveaway

#2: Twitter Contests

#3: Facebook Contest
Click on this image to Access this Facebook Contest

IF you have any questions, just comment below. :) I hope you enjoy these contests. By the way, if you get a chance, be sure to watch the Halloween Run video below!

October 9, 2016

Homework, Homework, Homework!


Yeah... I bet you thought I was going to say Homework again.. Oops, I did it again! :P No, that's not going to be the song that I post below. So many of you know that I've been busy due to my lack of posts last month and early this month. I've been working on a lot of homework lately, but that's really paid off! All A's so far! I decided to make this post to let you know what I think about my classes so far..

Fun, except one class....

I've had a great experience with most of my classes because I've learned a lot. One class that I'm enjoying the most is "Intro to the Bible". I know nearly all of the stories in the Bible but this class has been very interesting! I'm so glad I decided to take this class because I feel like it's bringing me even closer to God. If your college provides this class, I recommend all of you to take it - whether you believe or not. If you don't believe, you can use the class to read it as a book. Not forcing any of you to do what you don't want to, but all of you Christians out there would surely enjoy this class. It has brought me closer to God and more of an understanding of everything in the bible. Great class.. Okay, now for my least favorite class....

Web Design 2. I told y'all a few months ago that I was looking forward to this class the most, but it has been a tough class for me. I absolutely dislike presenting projects ONLINE. I don't mind presenting if I'm at the campus, but virtually is different. My instructor also wants me to read out questions which do help but at the same time, AH! I'm sure most of you have had a day where you just don't feel like talking to anybody. I think this is a great place for that, especially if you don't have any questions over the subject. There are however instructors that will call on you periodically and sometimes it gets annoying. Well, this instructor is a great instructor but you always have to talk in this class to get the points! I dread this class most of all just because of that reason. Why do you think it's taken me so long to make YouTube videos? I really should make a video ranting about how much this annoys me! :P If you think I type a lot, imagine how much I can talk! Kidding, I probably don't talk nearly as much as I type.

Other than that, I haven't had any problems in my classes. I have all A's because I've spent so much time studying for my quizzes and tests. I think that's very important if you don't want to stress out about anything. I probably should make a post about stress I've had in previous semesters and what I did to prevent that stress this semester... hmm! Maybe my next post will be about that. You all have no idea how much I miss Wizard101 & Pirate101, though. I do take breaks every now and then if I do feel stressed. I usually watch my favorite television series, Once Upon a Time, or play a bit of Wizard101 by decorating my house for the Halloween Run which takes place on October 29th. I told y'all I'd promote this event everywhere! Really... Spread the word. I think we could get so many areas in Nightside on that day! Okay... back to College.. I've had a great time so far. I really hope this trend continues. I'm glad I'm able to do what I want every now and then. By the way, another stress reducer is 2000s music and all decades before. That's truly the best music in the world! I do apologize to all of the peeps that love 2010s music, but I'm all for that music because there's more talent. Okay, I need to stop typing before I go on a rant about how old music needs to come back. Here's a favorite song of mine from the 2000s!!!!

October 5, 2016

Edward Lifegem Adventures: Episode 1

Hello Wizards!

I decided to create a little YouTube mini-series (depending on how everyone likes it) for my life wizard, Edward Lifegem. This first video is only 12 seconds long because I want to test and see how everyone likes it. This is only a test, so if this does not work out, I'll upload my original YouTube videos. This first video has to do with the Halloween Run.. Edward Lifegem is supposed to attend his first Halloween Event, but is he late to this event? Or is he too early??

Find out the answer to this question in the next video! 

October 3, 2016

Pirate101: Ashes of the Armada Pack!

Ahoy Pirates!

Long time no talk! I hope you're having a great semester of school. I know it can be boring, but it's always nice to take a short break after studying to look at the games. Pirate101 actually released a new game card pack called "Ashes of the Armada" which is a new game card pack that you can buy from the Pirate101 Crowns Shop for 399 crowns! A list of the items that you can actually get from this new game card pack is listed below.. I'm sure the items that will excite everyone the most is the Armada companions!!!

New Companions
Haywire Battle Angel Companion
Haywire Musketeer Companion
Haywire Dragoon Companion
Haywire Marine Companion

New Weapons
Kraven Blade Weapon
Draconis Banner Weapon
Gargoyle Shield Weapon
Orb of Nefarious Death Weapon

Housing Items
Housing Items from all over the Spiral

Help Support Pirate101 by buying crowns on the Pirate101 Website and then buying these game card packs. These new companions and weapons will help us in a possible future world. Click anywhere on the image below for more information.

October 1, 2016

Santa Run 2016 (TODAY)

Hello Wizards!

We are having another community event TODAY at 2:00 p.m. CST. Please read through everything on this post so you're ready for this awesome event! Also, be sure to share this post with your friends, and most importantly, the video at the end of this post, with your friends.

What do I wear?
Red & White, Santa Outfits, or anything Christmas-themed!

Afterparty/Portbus Information
After the Santa Run through Wizard City, we'll have Portbus wizards that will teleport everyone to one of Autumn's Dorm where you can go through teleporters to one of Autumn's Decorated Christmas houses. There will be five different Christmas houses that you can explore. Please read through the list of green names below to see who you should add to be teleported to Autumn's houses.

Autumn Dreamwalker 
(Level 1 Balance)

Chase DeathHand
(Level 110 Death)

Bradley Lionwielder
(Level 110 Storm)


- Click the link above to view ALL of the Current Santa Run Contests.
-  Please don't beg the Random Gifters to gift you. Or they won't.

Edward Lifegem

Autumn Dreamwalker

David Silverhunter (Frostcaller)

Michael Frost