October 30, 2016

Organized Party

Hello Wizards,

I hope you had fun at the Halloween Run yesterday. We've made Wizard101 History! Many wizards have said that about the event yesterday because of the amount of wizards that attended. I wanted to make another post to discuss what happened yesterday with the full houses.

Early Crowd: The crowd started appearing at 8:00 am yesterday. I decided to stay in that area so my wizard would be able to make it to Area One when the party started. We ended up having 5 different areas four hours before the official event started.

The Overall Crowd: was much larger than expected. We were expecting about 100-150 but more wizards showed up. We had around 400 or possibly 500 wizards attend the Halloween Run. This turned into 15 different areas in the Vampire Realm.

We originally planned to teleport everyone from ONE Death House to the Darkmoor Manor after the Scavenger Hunt. We had the second house planned just in case, but we ended up using multiple houses because there were so many that wanted to attend. Keep in mind that I was not expecting a Diary of a Wizard type of crowd. I will admit that I underestimated how many would attend but I'm still happy all of you were still able to have fun at the run itself.

I'm not a fansite owner or a well-known Wizard101 party host. The next time, we will be prepared for more than this party so everyone is able to make it to a house and have fun. I still hope you all had fun. I know I did and I'm thankful for the community. You have no idea how much the Wizard101 community means to me. This party didn't happen to promote myself or this blog, I only wanted to bring the community together. I will continue to do so for the Santa Run and all of the planned parties next year. I'll just be prepared. Thank you for reading! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. :)

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Anonymous said...

There's me over to the left in the Sentinel Gear :D
- Logan Firehammer