October 3, 2016

Pirate101: Ashes of the Armada Pack!

Ahoy Pirates!

Long time no talk! I hope you're having a great semester of school. I know it can be boring, but it's always nice to take a short break after studying to look at the games. Pirate101 actually released a new game card pack called "Ashes of the Armada" which is a new game card pack that you can buy from the Pirate101 Crowns Shop for 399 crowns! A list of the items that you can actually get from this new game card pack is listed below.. I'm sure the items that will excite everyone the most is the Armada companions!!!

New Companions
Haywire Battle Angel Companion
Haywire Musketeer Companion
Haywire Dragoon Companion
Haywire Marine Companion

New Weapons
Kraven Blade Weapon
Draconis Banner Weapon
Gargoyle Shield Weapon
Orb of Nefarious Death Weapon

Housing Items
Housing Items from all over the Spiral

Help Support Pirate101 by buying crowns on the Pirate101 Website and then buying these game card packs. These new companions and weapons will help us in a possible future world. Click anywhere on the image below for more information.

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