October 14, 2016

Wizard101: Is The New Halloween Pack Worth The Money?

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a great week. I know I am because Kingsisle has surprised us with another game card pack, the Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack, which costs 299 crowns in the Wizard101 Crowns Shop. A lot of wizards have either said this pack is one of the most amazing packs, or it isn't worth the crowns. I decided to give you my take on this new pack!

From new moon staffs, a Jack-O-Lantern Pet that has the card (Headless Horseman), to the Gloomthorn Vine and Bat Swarm Mounts, I'll have to say that this new pack is pretty awesome! I know many of you will think that I'm only saying this because I'm a fansite owner, but that's not the reason at all. 
  • Halloween in '09: In 2009, and a few years after that, we didn't have all of these special items on the game. I actually loved Halloween on Wizard101 in 2009 because of the quests that Jack Hallow gave us and of course Spooky Bob provided us with the Black Cat.
  • Halloween Today: Today, we have new quests from Dworgyn, transformations, new mounts, packs, spells, new Halloween-themed housing decorations, and much more. Any additional Halloween-themed features, such as this new pack, is pretty cool. So as a long-time player of Wizard101, I will say that this new pack is AWESOME. Thank you, Kingsisle!

Click anywhere on this mage to learn more about the Gloomthorn Nightmare Pack!

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