November 18, 2016

Wizard101: Mirage Raider's Bundle

Hello Wizards!

Kingsisle announced a new Wizard101 Bundle, the Mirage Raider's Bundle, for the soon-to-be-release of Mirage in the Live Realm. This new bundle can be bought at Gamestop in the USA for $39. This new bundle has an awesome new house, mount, level 120 gear, and a monkey pet (looks like I'll have to Aladdin again next Halloween since there is now an awesome Monkey Pet). This new card also has a choice of 5,000 crowns or one-month membership of Wizard101. Christmas is coming! This looks like a perfect Christmas gift especially with the release of Mirage. We gotta show Burdie that we love the Mirage's Sultan style too. Right? :D If you would like more information about this new awesome bundle, watch the video below!!

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