November 18, 2016

Wizard101: Turkey Run (November 22nd)

Hello Wizards!

Did you know that I've never had a Thanksgiving-themed Wizard101 event? Until this year. This morning, I thought about having a little event a few days before Thanksgiving (Tuesday, November 22nd at 1:00 pm CST in the Commons, Greyrose Realm). This won't be nearly as large as the Santa Run next month, but I thought it would be fun for everyone who wasn't traveling could attend the Turkey Run around the commons and maybe some PvP at my Sultan's Palace. Keep reading for more information if you're able to attend:

Turkey Run

Tuesday, November 22nd at
11:00 am PT     12:00 pm MT     1:00 pm CST     2:00 pm EST

The Commons
Greyrose Realm

What Do I Wear?
Fall Colors or Thanksgiving Items (specifically the Turkey Hat)

Edward Firegem 

I'll have a PortBus wizard teleport everyone to my Sultan's Palace for PvP & Housing Games. This will be a smaller event, so there's no need to worry about attending early.
 This will only be for fun and for those who are able to attend/not traveling. I still hope to see you on December 17th at the Santa Run! This event won't have prizes, but I still hope everyone will have fun. It'll be a little party before our Santa Run. :D Santa Run, Santa Run, Santa Run! :P

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