December 13, 2016

Greatest Time Of Year!

Hi there,

I just got through studying most of the day (and Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) on finals and I'm almost done! I'm exhausted today, but that doesn't mean I forgot about the Christmas Song. :D I might be tired, but I will always love Christmas music ( listened to most of the day while studying). Anyways, here is a song that is over ten years old now by Aly and AJ. Do any of you remember what year The Santa Claus 3 was released? It was released in November of 2006! I actually went to see it on the release day with my family. This is an amazing movie and Aly & AJ (old Disney Channel Stars - by the way, the old Disney is the Best Disney), sang this song for the promotion of this movie back in the olden days. :P Really, doesn't feel that old to me, but yeah.. I type a lot when I'm tired. Here's the song! :P

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