December 5, 2016

Pirate101: Christmas Returns to the Skyways (2016)!

Ahoy Pirates!

Long time no talk! I apologize for not making as many blog posts lately. I think that will change over Christmas break which begins next week. I'm looking forward to my break and playing more Pirate101. I miss the game and the Pirate101 community! I am going to try to plan more events soon for the game. :) Speaking of events... Christmas has returned to the Skyways!! There are so many things returning that I could list them without this post being longer than it should be. Of course, I love making long blog posts, but considering the time I have, I don't. I have to study soon for finals. So I will link all of you to the amazing things returning to Pirate101 (including 12 Days of the Spiral that will return in a few days). Click anywhere on the attached image below to learn more about this year's Yuletide!

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