December 20, 2016

Wizard101: Santa Run 2016 Recap!

Hello Wizards!

On Saturday, we had our 2nd Annual Santa Run! I want to thank my amazing friends/co-hosts, Autumn Dreamwalker, David Silverhunter, and Michael Frost. I'd also like to thank Chase DeathHand and Bradley Lionwielder for helping port everyone to the after party. This event was an amazing event, so that means it's time to get ready for an amazing post (and really a long post at that). We had a lot of amazing wizards at the event and I'm very glad to have been able to visit with you all. I want to thank each and every one of you for attending this event! Now let's talk about who recorded and streamed this event.. I'll talk about the recorded videos first from YouTube. Here are a few videos from amazing wizards that attended this event. Please click on their video links and like their videos and leave a nice comment! Thank you, everyone. :)

Angel Iceblood


Angela Shadow

Now that we're done with videos, let's talk about our favorite community members Skelemystyk and Connorthecameowizard. Both streamed the Santa Run and I want to thank them for doing that. I know it was hard for many to get out to the event, but I'm happy you will at least be able to watch a recap or the entire thing with the twitch streams. Please follow Skele's and Connor's Twitch below by clicking on the links below. :D

Skelemystyk's Twitch

Connorthecameowizard's Twitch

It was very nice having you both stream this event and I hope you had as much fun as I did. :D I hope you two will be able to stream the next largest event during the Spring (The 2nd Annual Easter Bunny Run). You two are great community members, just like the wizards who made the videos above. Thank you all! Now, let's make a walkthrough of how everything went. :D 

Before The Event

Would you believe me if I told you that this party started at 3;00 am? No? This party started at 3;00 am! Yes, I logged on at that time to find a few wizards spinning, and a few not spinning. I started talking to everyone and before you knew it, it was 5:00 am. I told everyone that I was going to go to bed, but I was too excited for the event to stay away. I decided not to leave and talk to everyone for a few hours. We talked about the event and a few times why I have events like this. 

To answer that before we get too far ahead on posting, I have events because of the community. I love the community and I'm not doing this for me at all - otherwise there is no way I would have logged on at 3:00 am to talk to everyone (really didn't know anyone would be there at that time - but these people are amazing - so are you by the way). I want to bring everyone together like old fansites did when I first joined the game. They did that and I was introduced to the community and met many great people. I think it's great to have events like these often so the community can grow together and not apart. No matter what anybody might say, I will still have these and everyone is invited to them. I have had many disagreements in the past with quite a few wizards, but they are invited to all of these events as well, as long as they're nice to everyone. :) 

A few wizards turned into quite a few after a few hours. Everyone started hanging out and talking around 9:00 am, five hours before the event would eventually start. It was nice taking many screenshots, having a Reindeer Sleigh vs Bunny Sleigh line, dance lines and visiting before the event started. There were about 40-50 wizards in Area One, so that made it laggy and a full area. Other areas started popping up after Area One became full, I believe Area Two and Three were also full. Areas Four and Five popped up just before the event started! 

The Santa Run Begins

I can't believe how laggy the commons was before the event, but then again, I have an old laptop that I'm using so maybe I was the only one experiencing lag? Just kidding! I know many of you were experiencing lag just as I was. Lag wasn't the only thing that I experienced during the Santa Run. I also almost experienced a Game Crash once I ran through Ravenwood. I couldn't believe that this computer almost crashed because I've been to large events on this computer before. I was still able to run the route (from the Santa Run 2016 Guide) before making it back to the commons and talking to everyone to let them know that the portbus wizards would be here to pick everyone up soon. We had five areas of Wizards that participated in the Santa Run. :D

The Afterparty

After the Run, we teleported to Autumn Dreamwalker's Christmas decorated dorm which connected to five other amazing decorated Christmas houses. We were all able to walk through teleporters that connected to the dorm where were able to visit each house. It was a lot of fun visiting with so many great people. I wasn't able to visit with everyone, but I hope all of you were able to have as much fun as I did. Is it even possible for a host to have fun at a party? Well, this party was fun for me, so I'm glad I could spend 13 hours with you all. 13! That's a record! 

I hope all of you have an amazing Christmas. Remember what is important on Sunday (or Monday if you live in Australia ;D). Everybody in this community deserves a friend and I hope with each event, you'll make new friends. So far, we're just now getting to know each other, so I think by the Christmas in July event, we'll all be best friends. Right? :D Well, that's my plan. I hope all of you are able to make many friends at these events. 

I really do appreciate all of your support that you've shown. I hope the events in 2017 are just as amazing for you. I'm going to try to add something new to each event next year so it is different than the events that we had this year. Remember that this is not for me, this is for all of you! I am not doing this for anything, if anything, I've spent money... and Trust me, the Easter Bunny Run in the Spring is something to look forward to. I have a special plan for that. Hmm, we'll just have to wait for that. Make sure to check back! Why are you wondering when the Easter Bunny Run will take place? You'll have to wait until the official announcement has been made.... It's almost Christmas... Celebrate Christmas. FINE. Since you've asked me a hundred times, I'll tell you the date. :D

Saturday, March 18th, 2017

That's all I'm telling you until the end of next month. You'll have to wait for the time. Speaking of time, it's time to celebrate Christmas. ;) I hope you all have a great Holiday Season! Hug your loved ones now and tell them how much you love and appreciate them. Spend your time with your family this Holiday season. Until next time, enjoy this amazing edit by Melissa Rose! :D Thank you, Melissa. :)

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