December 31, 2016

Wizard101: Something Needs To Change!

Hi there,

I hope you all are having a great New Years Eve or New Year Day 2017! Today, I was thinking about 2017 and what I'd love to see Kingsisle add to the game. This is more of a post criticizing the way the game has been lately. I love all of the worlds, storylines, pets, spells and everything that has been released. One thing I don't like is that these new updates never help those who solo the game. I think with the release of Mirage, Soloing has ended because of the level of difficulty.

Most of the blog posts that I've made before the past few years have been about soloing the game. I started the game in 2009 and soloed the game from Wizard City through Dragonspyre on my ice wizard. There were a few fights that we needed help on if we didn't have the right treasure cards and sometimes you did die and would have to repeat the quest. These were great days because you could still enjoy the storyline and not have to look up and see if bosses cheated, or fight four bosses with 20,000 health each with those cheats. 

I have never had the best gear in the game because I wanted to enjoy the storyline the most. Darkmoor gear is the best gear to get, but even that is tough with the help from friends. I think I made a post about this dungeon earlier this year. Gear is really difficult to get, so that means you have to find the best gear that you can get. Jewels have been a lifesaver, but there's no way they'll help you through the game.

I'm not trying to tell everyone to stop playing the game because it's difficult, but I want Kingsisle to know that I would love to make my questing posts again and have fun soloing through once again. Below is one important thing that I think Kingsisle should do to help bring players back to the game/continue playing the game. I'm sure Wizard101 has no problem getting players now, but I think once in awhile, it would be nice to solo a wizard. 

  • New Levels Of Difficulty: I think you should add different levels of difficulty with bosses/dungeons. Create an Algorithm that determines how tough the boss and dungeon will be depending on how many players enter a sigil. If one player enters, it would be nice to reduce the level of difficulty. It is not fun soloing a dungeon that has nearly the same amount of difficulty as a four-wizard dungeon. PLEASE think about this. Seriously, no copyright, just a great idea you can consider. This could help wizards get their new gear and have fun soloing the game. Sometimes not everybody has two accounts or their friends on, so they just stay off the game. If their friends quit the game, they'll probably end up quitting too because of the difficulty. But if they love the game and want to continue, they could start soloing the game. 

That's what I hope happens in 2017. I'd love to continue questing my many wizards again with hope that I will make it through. This is why I had 70+ posts in April 2011, because I was able to quest and talk a lot more about the game. Either way, I still love Wizard101. It's fun questing with a great team, but not alone. Thank you for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.

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