January 7, 2017

Wizard101: Farming For New Gear & Jewels

Hello Wizards!

It's Saturday! That means it's your first weekend of the semester if you started classes. I hope you all are doing well - and I wish you lots of good luck this semester. I don't start my classes until the 17th, so I have plenty of time to quest, farm and make new blog posts! Autumn and I had an event week on Wizard101. We've quested and farmed nearly all week. Yesterday we decided to continue farming for some new gear and universal resist jewels from certain bosses in the Spiral.

We started farming at the Waterworks in Crab Alley. Autumn read on the Wizard101 Central WIKI that the  Polished Defense Jewel that gives +22 universal resist was dropped from Luska Charmbeak and Sylester Glowstorm. I know many of you have already went through the waterworks, but at level 120, this dungeon was soooo easy to get through! :P I know I've made many posts in the past about this dungeon, but I thought I'd share a few screenshots that I took  while running through this dungeon. :D

As I said above, the Waterworks really didn't take long. I was able to take a few nice screenshots. I can't believe I was able to take such nice screenshots on this laggy laptop. I'm getting my other laptop fixed until I'm able to buy a new Desktop later next month. I hope the screenshots look even better when I'm back again - especially this Summer. Anyways, let's talk about the second area we went to farm.. 

After the Waterworks, we decided to run through the Mount Olympus dungeon in Aquila to farm Gladiator Dimachaerus for the same jewel and the Alpha and Omega Ring. I know many wizards already have that ring, but keep in mind that we're both not on the game as much anymore. I can't believe I said that after nearly 20 hours of questing and farming this week alone! We didn't have to quest through the entire Mount Olympus dungeon, which was great. I actually thought we had to do that over and over.. Speaking of bosses like this, I hope Kingsisle releases an update that gives us a chance to fight bosses alone (from this boss to Malistaire - you know that would be pretty awesome.)

This boss was easier to defeat than the last time we fought him (at level 80 or 90.) The only things that drove us crazy were the ice skeletal pirates! You probably would think that the only spells that these skeletal pirates have are Frost Giants. Get those Stun Block treasure cards and defeat the minions. Don't forget to bring in a cleanse for the -75% damage spell that the boss will hit and then cast on you. We actually defeated the minions and then cast a couple of large hits on the boss. We ended up farming him a few times. Autumn got two or three new pets on both of her wizards. I got a lot of wands. We will continue farming this boss through next week. I'll let you know if we get anything.. By the way, keep an eye out for a Mirage Review! Until then, I'll see you around the Spiral. Thank you all so much for reading. Have a safe weekend. 

I'll continue to keep the victims and families at the Fort Lauderdale Airport in my prayers. Do continue to keep everybody in your thoughts and or prayers! Also, pray for acceptance, love, and peace.

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