March 31, 2017

Pirate101: Fansite Festival NXP Event (Next Saturday)

Ahoy Pirates!

No, this isn't an early April Fool's joke. Autumn invited me to cohost a special event for the Fansite Festival! We are going to have our event on Pirate101, since Wizard101 has had a lot of love recently with all recent events. I think its about time Pirates have fun too, right? :D If you would like to attend this Nautical Leveling event, keep reading this post for all important information!

2:00 pm CST  /  3:00 pm EST

Meetup in Avery's Court.
One Eyed Jack Realm

We'll then teleport everyone to Calabria Skyway in Valencia.

Autumn Walker

 (What's the name of this website again?)

If you would like anymore information, please click HERE to read Autumn's post. We hope to see you all there. A Special Shoutout to the creators of Fansite Festival for this so Autumn and many other hosts to throw their own parties, not just on Pirate101, but also Wizard101, all on Saturday, April 8th. Please visit their website by clicking on this link:

March 29, 2017

Wizard101: Easter Bunny Run Recap!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having an awesome Wednesday! I've been busy, but I finally have time to make a post I've been wanting to make for many months.. The Easter Bunny Run 2017 Recap Post! :D Let me start off by thanking my awesome cohosts: Autumn Dreamwalker, Frostcaller, and Michael Frost, for all that they did to help prepare this event for the community. This event took a lot of time to plan, but we were still able to have it for everyone! I decided to recap everything that we did, and thank all of the youtubers and streamers for their hard work as well.

The Early Crowd

I woke up early on Saturday, and as soon as I woke up, I knew I wanted to log on to see the earlybirds. Around 7:00 am CST (7 hours before the event would officially start), there were already a few pretty awesome wizards on the game. They were excited and ready for the event to start! I really do appreciate their dedication for this community and our events. Remember that I have these for you to have fun, and I really do appreciate all of your support that you all have shown me during past events as well. Thank you all for attending early: Abigail, Jordan, Esmee, Antonio, Catherine, Edward, and Angela are just a few names to announce. I'm sorry if I forgot your name! I had a busy week, and I was planning on making this post on Sunday, but I still thank ALL of you for your support. :D You're amazing wizards and I'm extremely thankful you're part of this awesome community.

BUNNIES TAKE OVER (10:00 am-2:00pm)

Around 10:00 am more wizards (or bunnies) started to show up. I was also tweeting all day about the event to remind everyone who might have forgot that everyone was welcome to attend. Here's something funny.. I told everyone I was planning on taking a break and not really talking much for about an hour and I was only gone for about 30 minutes! Now, most of you already know I love trying to speak with everyone that attends our events, so I wanted to stay on and talk to everybody. It was great speaking with everyone, and I'm so glad some of you stayed for countless hours to speak with me. 

Around 1:00 pm, Area One was full and there were nearly four or five other areas for a total of 6 areas. It was great talking to each other, but we were ready for the Bunny Run and the afterparty! Or maybe I was? Okay.. I think we all were, but maybe some wanted to talk a bit. Anyway, I had everyone line up around the pond in Area One. About 30 minutes after everyone lined up, I took a short little video (below), of everyone and asked everyone to say hello. I had to have a little memory on my channel of this event, since it was awesome!

The Bunny Run 2017 (3:00-3:30 pm)

At 3:00 pm, we were ready for the Easter Bunny Run! There were 7 or 8 different areas, so a lot of wizards were ready. We all lined up on Rainbow Bridge to get ready for the Bunny Run route (from a video that I posted a few months before - remember to watch those so you know where to run), and we were hopping to get ready to run. We were so ready for this! I was also in the process of watching HeatherTheWizard's Twitch stream and it seemed that Heather and Val were also excited for it to start! And I'm super glad you all could make it to this event. I really do thank Heather and Val for spreading news on their twitch stream about our event - and that the community could attend. No matter our differences. We counted down from an hour, to minutes, to seconds and we were ready to GO! 

After Party and After After Party
After the Bunny Run in the commons, we were able to teleport everyone to the after party, thanks to the portbus wizards. We first teleported to my dorm room, which became packed with wizards and a ton of school symbol fireworks! Everyone had a choice between two houses, a PvP/Gauntlet House (Sultan's Palace) or a Housing Game House (Darkmoor Manor). We also teleported wizards/bunnies to Autumn's Celestial Observatory - an amazingly decorated Celestial theme house, and Frostcaller's Botanical Gardens - which is an awesome Harry Potter themed house. 

I don't talk about attendance always, but you really wouldn't believe how many wizards/bunnies attended this event unless you were there.There were hundreds of wizards and I'm so glad they were able to make it. I only hope everyone had fun at this event and enjoyed the code giveaways (I still wasn't able to giveaway all codes for that or announce winners - but I plan to on Friday for announcement of winners and new contest announcements). I don't always have code giveaways, but I really do thank KI for supplying codes to giveaway as well. I also bought gift cards to giveaway during Heather's awesome stream and at the event. There are a few things I'd change, but there's always room for improvement as time goes on. I'm still new at this! :P I am so glad you all were able to make it to the party.. But it wasn't over... yet!

After the Afterparty, we had an After After Party! We did another run on the same route as the Bunny Run, but we used our favorite mounts. There were some bunnies driving, so... And a few of them were talking as well! You might not believe it, but, I promise, it happened! I was able to give away one more card on Heather's stream for the night by playing hide and seek, and may I say, I hid well on my second try. The first try! Wow, I kinda got scared since so many found me in a spot I didn't think they would be able to find me, but it was still a lot of fun. And yes, that's a bunny right in front of my wizard. LOL. I couldn't believe they found me so fast. It looks like they're good at playing hide and seek! 

I thank each and everyone of you for attending this event. I really have these events for you, the community, and I want all of you to know that with each event in the future, all are welcome to attend. I will always try to improve as much as I can for each future event. I'm also always going to work as hard as I can for you so you enjoy these events. I'm thankful for this community and I truly hope you enjoyed the event as much as I did! I added all of the recorded youtube videos of the event from truly awesome YouTubers out there. Please click on their names (above the video) to check our their channels. (Special Shoutout: to Heather and Val for streaming the entire Bunny Run. You guys rock! Glad you could make it and I hope to see you and all of your awesome fans at our future events).

Special Recap Videos - Please Subscribe and Like Their Videos!

I would like to thank all of you for attending and or supporting this event and recording/helping out. I love having these for you, and with your help, we can make the community the best place ever! We're bringing the community back TOGETHER, and that was the plan for events before this and all of the events in the future. I would also like to thank our awesome Community Manager, Tom Purdue/Kingsisle for their support for these events. I hope you all are looking forward to the next major event, THE SANTA RUN in July. I was thinking I wouldn't give a date, but.. since I really want to, I will. The Santa Run is planned for July for sure, but the official date for now is...


I hope to see you all at this event. We'll continue having fun and bringing the community together for as long as the game lasts. Get your Santa Outfits ready... And I hope you all have an amazing Easter. Thank You, Jesus! Okay, I'm going to leave now.. Don't know why you all would want to keep reading. Stop reading! You're making me want to type more........ Okay.... gooooodbyeeeee. Yeah, I'm leaving now. Haha. Thank you al for reading and until next time.. I'll see you around the Spiral!

Dancing Bunny!

March 26, 2017

Wizard101 Events For The Community

Hello Wizards.

I think it was a good idea to make this post before I make the recap post about the Bunny Run that occurred yesterday. Yesterday was such a great day, and I'm glad all of you were able to attend the Bunny Run. It really does take a lot of work to put events like this together so they run smoothly, but, I still enjoy hosting these events. I want to talk a little bit about the purpose of these events, and what it takes to get them to run.

It Takes Time

It takes a lot of time to get events like this together. Here's a full list of everything that we, the hosts, have done, to prepare for each event, not just the Bunny Run, all of them. Even with real life in the way even more this event, we made sure we were able to do the following:

  • Figure out a perfect day to have the event (since I'm a college student).
  • Get houses ready by decorating. 
  • Make sure all of the amazing cohosts (Autumn, Frostcaller, and Michael) are still able to attend these events.
  • Make video guides, and make sure everyone looks at that guide.
  • Try to find help for port wizards to teleport everyone to the afterparty.
  • Make Blog Posts about the event.
  • Have code giveaways - and announce the winners (which does take time).
  • Announce the event on every social media platform, sometimes everyday. 
  • Make sure everyone knows where to meetup on the day.
  • Get everyone to the party, and try not to leave anyone behind.
  • Have more giveaways on the game.
  • Make sure everyone knows what's happening by telling everyone at the events at all houses.

And much more. It really takes a lot of time to get events like this ready. We had many show up, so it made it a little tougher than usual, but I still hope everyone had fun.

Sometimes It Costs Money

True story. It does sometimes cost money to have events like this. I am not doing this to pay people to come to our events (otherwise I would have announced the $10 code giveaways all over - and I only announced it a few places). 

I gave away $10 Wizard101 gift card codes, and still have more to giveaway within the next week, but I did pay out of my pocket as a thank you, not as a bribe. I really don't mind giving back to the community. Cohosts have also spent money out of their pocket for events like this.

Also for this contest, Autumn bought crowns to giveaway mounts and other things. That was nice of her to do that! We wanted to thank the community for all of their support for our events. We love having them, and we do care about the community. It is our choice to have giveaways, and nobody can say we can't just because. Our events = we give away what we want. ;) 

Who's Invited To These Events?

Last, but certainly, not least, I want to answer the important question in red. EVERYONE. If you feel like you're not invited to these events, you're wrong. Everyone is invited to these events. The purpose of these events will not be ruined and made into something disgusting. The purpose IS and ALWAYS WILL BE the community.

We have these events for everyone in the community. I will not exclude anybody, as long as they're nice to everyone at these events. Everyone last night was very nice, and it seems like everyone had fun. This was my goal for the events. It's really tough putting an event like this together, and unless you have, you won't and never will tell me how these events should go. This event was first announced last December on my website. I was looking forward to this event for a long time. I know we're usually busy and aren't able to talk with everyone, but I still enjoy having these for everyone.

As I've said many times in this post, it was tough having these events. It takes a lot of time to prepare for them, and most of all the busiest day is the event day itself. I'll be honest, I was online for 12 hours because I love talking with everyone in the community. Events like this make me believe the community will stick together through thick and thin. I've had events where I don't give away codes and it has the same atmosphere. A welcoming atmosphere. That's exactly why I'm proud to have events like this. We are extremely proud to have these events for every person in the Wizard101 community.

I know not everyone has supported me, even though I've shown support many times in the past, but I really don't care about support anymore. I do care that all of you had fun at this event, was able to make new friends, and talk with old friends that haven't been online in awhile. That's the reason I have events like this. It was nice seeing ALL of you at this event, and I do invite you to all future events. I invite everyone reading this post. I support everyone in this community and I do invite everyone to these events. The time and money we spend into these events, I have every right to invite who I want, and that is everyone. Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoy my recap post later this afternoon.

March 22, 2017

Wizard101 Test Realm: Online!

Hello Wizards!

Today, Kingsisle released the Wizard101 Test Realm. There are new level 118 pets, Monstrology (as discussed on Kingsisle Live), new Mirage quests, Skeleton Key Bosses and more! I will make more blog posts over the weekend about the test realm. Remember, you will need to have spent at least $6 within the past month. If you would like a link to read the new Test Realm Update notes, click on the image below.. By the way, the image below is the new Fire Pet! Enjoy the test realm! Enjoy!

March 20, 2017

What Was Wizard101 Like Back In The Olden Days? (Selena Gomez)

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a great First Day of Spring! It's very nice outside where I live.. not a cloud in the sky! I decided to, make a blog post about the Old Wizard101 days before I go outside and enjoy the weather. So, a few of you might have an important question in mind about the game in the past. What was Wizard101 like when Selena Gomez visited our favorite game?

To answer that question, let's travel back to a time when Dragonspyre was the highest level world you could complete on the game! At the time, we were waiting for Celestia to be released. Many of us were looking left and right for any sign of a new world update. We knew Celestia would be released soon, and then, in September of 2010, Selena Gomez arrived! Well, technically she was kidnapped by the King of Crab Alley. ;)

We, the wizards had to rescue Selena Gomez! We had to do everything in our power to save her from the King of Crab Alley. First, we had to collect a quest from our favorite and only storm teacher in Ravenwood, Halston Balestrom. We had to find a way to learn how to swim for the very first time. Swimming wasn't a thing on the game yet, so we had to get a water-breathing potion to breathe underneath water. After getting this important potion from Darla (the Dye Shop), we'd find our way to Crab Alley!

Eventually we'd find Selena, surrounded by crabs (which was an easy fight since they lower-tiered). But the King of Crab Alley took her again. We had to fight the King and knock some sense into him. He realized what he did wrong, and Selena Gomez invited him on her "Year Without Rain" tour on planet Earth! And yes, we got to dance with Selena Gomez and the King while she sang "Round and Round" on Wizard101! It was so much fun! I had a few screenshots on an old computer, but I wasn't able to keep my harddrive to share them with you. I decided to make the post seem a little old fashioned by including screenshots of my wizard in Dragonspyre-themed gear and the level 48 ice pet, Colossus. At the end, after saving Selena Gomez, we got a Statue and a Portrait of Selena Gomez. These are extremely rare items that only wizards who completed the quest have.

There are many great Wizard101 - Selena Gomez quest videos out there on the internet that you can watch to view this awesome quest. I'm sure many of you will even miss updates that are released today, so always cherish those moments every chance you get! I love Wizard101, and thank them for so many great memories, even today. I'm so glad I was able to participate in this special quest. I knew this post wasn't going to be too long of a post, so I decided to finish this post with a special song.. Not Selena Gomez. Even better! Here's "A Day Without 101" by The Friendly Necromancer / Tom Purdue! 

Pirate101: Questing Our Musketeers Again!

Ahoy Pirates!

You're not going to believe this, but I have a post that has nothing to do with Edward Cringle or an event! Yesterday, I was able to quest my musketeer, Edward Hawkins, with Autumn's musketeer, Autumn Walker. We haven't quest on these pirates in at least two years! It was a lot of fun questing with Autumn again on Pirate101, and plus.. I got a lot of awesome screenshots. You know me and my screenshots!

Yesterday we started sinking Tso Warships. I have to tell you, it's way easier sinking ships together than doing it alone.  I always try to get the very best screenshots of the spells being cast at enemy ships when ship battling. I took this screenshot, but I decided to crop out the attack numbers, so it would look perfect! By the way, that storm shark attack is pretty awesome. :D

After awhile we attended a wedding! We stole a wedding invitation, forged it, and ruined a wedding! :D Lol, if you're a wizard, you need to know that we pirates don't play around. We mean business! If you want to do the same, you should play Pirate101 with us. :D It's fun - and there are so many adventures on the game. This dungeon was a lot of fun, and thankfully, it didn't take as much time as we expected! You wouldn't believe this, but during this dungeon, I didn't take any screenshots until we were at the very end. At least we had fun. :D 

Last on my post, but not least, we went through the Bandit Cave! I'm not going to talk much about this dungeon, but I will give Autumn a chance to talk about the rest of our adventures yesterday. I should get going now. I have classes to attend this morning, and homework to complete! I hope all of you have an amazing Monday/Week! Thank you for reading my Pirate101 post. Please check out Autumn's website, Secrets of the Spiral, for the rest of our adventures. Click the image below to view her website. :D

March 13, 2017

Wizard101: Bunny Run Video Contest!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're planning on joining us at the Wizard101 Bunny Run that will take place on Saturday, March 25th at 3:00 pm CST. We'll be meeting in the Commons, Unicorn Realm on that day! Our awesome community manager, Tom Purdue, sent me codes to giveaway to you just for this event. Other contest information will be published on the "Bunny Run Contests" page soon! But first, here's a new contest!

Step 1: Click on the Bunny Run Video Link Above:
 Watch the Bunny Run route (where we'll be running during this event).

Step 2: Comment On The Video (Required): 
Comment on the video's comment section tell me one thing you love about Wizard101. Sign your comment with your wizard's name. 

One winner will be chosen by a Random.Org List Randomizer
This contest Starts TODAY and ENDS on March 26th

One Winner - Prize:
Shinobi Bundle, 1 Random Hoard Pack, 1 Random Item

Good luck to everyone! I hope to see you at the Bunny Run. If you have any questions about the contest or the Bunny Run itself. Comment below! Remember, you have to comment on the YouTube video and follow all of the rules to be entered into the giveaway. I'll announce the winner on March 26th on a new blog post AND on the Bunny Run video above. Invite your friends to the Bunny Run!

March 11, 2017

Wizard101: Easter Bunny Run

Hello Wizards!

On Saturday we will have our 2nd Annual Easter Bunny Run in Wizard101! Everybody is invited to this family-friendly event. Below you can find more information such as when/where, cohosts (follow us on Twitter), and Afterparty information including portbus wizards! Keep reading if you're interested. Invite your friends!!

Was on Saturday, March 25

1:00 pm PT       2:00 pm MT      3:00 pm CST       4:00 pm EST

The Commons, Unicorn Realm 
Watch the video below for a Bunny Run path!

What Should You Wear?
Wear Your Bunny Suits OR  any Easter-Like Gear


Edward Lifegem

Autumn Dreamwalker

David Silverhunter

Michael Frost


Shortly after the Bunny Run, we'll meet back up in the Commons and teleport everyone to the afterparty houses - check back later for more information about the afterparty houses. There will be random gifting, trivia, PvP, housing games, and more!

Add the portbus wizards below for a teleport to the afterparty!

Portbus Wizards

Chase DeathHand
Level 1 Death

Bradley Lionwielder
Level 1 Storm

Patrick Waterslinger
Level 120 Fire

Autumn Dreamwalker
Level 1 Balance

Angel Angle
Level 110 Fire

Jesse Foe
Level 21 Death

Dylan CrowEyes
Level 46 Ice

Taylor Goldegem
Level 11



March 10, 2017

Wizard101: St. Patrick's Day Event (2017)

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful Friday. I decided to announce that I will be having another St. Patrick's Day Event (Friday, March 17th at 11:00 am CST / 12:00 pm EST). Keep reading below for more information if you're interested in attending this event. :D

Friday, March 17th at 
11:00 am CST    12:00 pm EST

Ravenwood, Unicorn Realm

I will be using a second account wizard to teleport everyone to my house. If the party is too large, I will only be able to allow 100 into my Sultan's Palace.

Important Note: (The Easter Bunny Run will have many more houses and contests - hope to see you there as well. Keep in mind there will not be contests here because I will be saving those for the Bunny Run on March 25th).


I really hope to see you at this smaller event. The only requirement is to BE NICE to everyone. I love having family-friendly events for everybody to attend. I hope you all have fun. We will be running around Ravenwood before I teleport everyone over to my Sultan's Palace. If you won't be able to make it, I hope you have an awesome St. Patrick's Day. Watch Luck of the Irish on Disney Channel. :P