March 31, 2017

Pirate101: Fansite Festival NXP Event (Next Saturday)

Ahoy Pirates!

No, this isn't an early April Fool's joke. Autumn invited me to cohost a special event for the Fansite Festival! We are going to have our event on Pirate101, since Wizard101 has had a lot of love recently with all recent events. I think its about time Pirates have fun too, right? :D If you would like to attend this Nautical Leveling event, keep reading this post for all important information!

2:00 pm CST  /  3:00 pm EST

Meetup in Avery's Court.
One Eyed Jack Realm

We'll then teleport everyone to Calabria Skyway in Valencia.

Autumn Walker

 (What's the name of this website again?)

If you would like anymore information, please click HERE to read Autumn's post. We hope to see you all there. A Special Shoutout to the creators of Fansite Festival for this so Autumn and many other hosts to throw their own parties, not just on Pirate101, but also Wizard101, all on Saturday, April 8th. Please visit their website by clicking on this link:

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