March 20, 2017

Pirate101: Questing Our Musketeers Again!

Ahoy Pirates!

You're not going to believe this, but I have a post that has nothing to do with Edward Cringle or an event! Yesterday, I was able to quest my musketeer, Edward Hawkins, with Autumn's musketeer, Autumn Walker. We haven't quest on these pirates in at least two years! It was a lot of fun questing with Autumn again on Pirate101, and plus.. I got a lot of awesome screenshots. You know me and my screenshots!

Yesterday we started sinking Tso Warships. I have to tell you, it's way easier sinking ships together than doing it alone.  I always try to get the very best screenshots of the spells being cast at enemy ships when ship battling. I took this screenshot, but I decided to crop out the attack numbers, so it would look perfect! By the way, that storm shark attack is pretty awesome. :D

After awhile we attended a wedding! We stole a wedding invitation, forged it, and ruined a wedding! :D Lol, if you're a wizard, you need to know that we pirates don't play around. We mean business! If you want to do the same, you should play Pirate101 with us. :D It's fun - and there are so many adventures on the game. This dungeon was a lot of fun, and thankfully, it didn't take as much time as we expected! You wouldn't believe this, but during this dungeon, I didn't take any screenshots until we were at the very end. At least we had fun. :D 

Last on my post, but not least, we went through the Bandit Cave! I'm not going to talk much about this dungeon, but I will give Autumn a chance to talk about the rest of our adventures yesterday. I should get going now. I have classes to attend this morning, and homework to complete! I hope all of you have an amazing Monday/Week! Thank you for reading my Pirate101 post. Please check out Autumn's website, Secrets of the Spiral, for the rest of our adventures. Click the image below to view her website. :D

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