March 20, 2017

What Was Wizard101 Like Back In The Olden Days? (Selena Gomez)

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a great First Day of Spring! It's very nice outside where I live.. not a cloud in the sky! I decided to, make a blog post about the Old Wizard101 days before I go outside and enjoy the weather. So, a few of you might have an important question in mind about the game in the past. What was Wizard101 like when Selena Gomez visited our favorite game?

To answer that question, let's travel back to a time when Dragonspyre was the highest level world you could complete on the game! At the time, we were waiting for Celestia to be released. Many of us were looking left and right for any sign of a new world update. We knew Celestia would be released soon, and then, in September of 2010, Selena Gomez arrived! Well, technically she was kidnapped by the King of Crab Alley. ;)

We, the wizards had to rescue Selena Gomez! We had to do everything in our power to save her from the King of Crab Alley. First, we had to collect a quest from our favorite and only storm teacher in Ravenwood, Halston Balestrom. We had to find a way to learn how to swim for the very first time. Swimming wasn't a thing on the game yet, so we had to get a water-breathing potion to breathe underneath water. After getting this important potion from Darla (the Dye Shop), we'd find our way to Crab Alley!

Eventually we'd find Selena, surrounded by crabs (which was an easy fight since they lower-tiered). But the King of Crab Alley took her again. We had to fight the King and knock some sense into him. He realized what he did wrong, and Selena Gomez invited him on her "Year Without Rain" tour on planet Earth! And yes, we got to dance with Selena Gomez and the King while she sang "Round and Round" on Wizard101! It was so much fun! I had a few screenshots on an old computer, but I wasn't able to keep my harddrive to share them with you. I decided to make the post seem a little old fashioned by including screenshots of my wizard in Dragonspyre-themed gear and the level 48 ice pet, Colossus. At the end, after saving Selena Gomez, we got a Statue and a Portrait of Selena Gomez. These are extremely rare items that only wizards who completed the quest have.

There are many great Wizard101 - Selena Gomez quest videos out there on the internet that you can watch to view this awesome quest. I'm sure many of you will even miss updates that are released today, so always cherish those moments every chance you get! I love Wizard101, and thank them for so many great memories, even today. I'm so glad I was able to participate in this special quest. I knew this post wasn't going to be too long of a post, so I decided to finish this post with a special song.. Not Selena Gomez. Even better! Here's "A Day Without 101" by The Friendly Necromancer / Tom Purdue! 


Unknown said...

This was an awesome post Edward. Thank You soo, much for sharing it with all of us. God Bless You!!!

Alex Kevin said...

My Kids gonna love this game because they love Selena all the time they keep searching for Selena on the internet, trust me.