March 29, 2017

Wizard101: Easter Bunny Run Recap!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having an awesome Wednesday! I've been busy, but I finally have time to make a post I've been wanting to make for many months.. The Easter Bunny Run 2017 Recap Post! :D Let me start off by thanking my awesome cohosts: Autumn Dreamwalker, Frostcaller, and Michael Frost, for all that they did to help prepare this event for the community. This event took a lot of time to plan, but we were still able to have it for everyone! I decided to recap everything that we did, and thank all of the youtubers and streamers for their hard work as well.

The Early Crowd

I woke up early on Saturday, and as soon as I woke up, I knew I wanted to log on to see the earlybirds. Around 7:00 am CST (7 hours before the event would officially start), there were already a few pretty awesome wizards on the game. They were excited and ready for the event to start! I really do appreciate their dedication for this community and our events. Remember that I have these for you to have fun, and I really do appreciate all of your support that you all have shown me during past events as well. Thank you all for attending early: Abigail, Jordan, Esmee, Antonio, Catherine, Edward, and Angela are just a few names to announce. I'm sorry if I forgot your name! I had a busy week, and I was planning on making this post on Sunday, but I still thank ALL of you for your support. :D You're amazing wizards and I'm extremely thankful you're part of this awesome community.

BUNNIES TAKE OVER (10:00 am-2:00pm)

Around 10:00 am more wizards (or bunnies) started to show up. I was also tweeting all day about the event to remind everyone who might have forgot that everyone was welcome to attend. Here's something funny.. I told everyone I was planning on taking a break and not really talking much for about an hour and I was only gone for about 30 minutes! Now, most of you already know I love trying to speak with everyone that attends our events, so I wanted to stay on and talk to everybody. It was great speaking with everyone, and I'm so glad some of you stayed for countless hours to speak with me. 

Around 1:00 pm, Area One was full and there were nearly four or five other areas for a total of 6 areas. It was great talking to each other, but we were ready for the Bunny Run and the afterparty! Or maybe I was? Okay.. I think we all were, but maybe some wanted to talk a bit. Anyway, I had everyone line up around the pond in Area One. About 30 minutes after everyone lined up, I took a short little video (below), of everyone and asked everyone to say hello. I had to have a little memory on my channel of this event, since it was awesome!

The Bunny Run 2017 (3:00-3:30 pm)

At 3:00 pm, we were ready for the Easter Bunny Run! There were 7 or 8 different areas, so a lot of wizards were ready. We all lined up on Rainbow Bridge to get ready for the Bunny Run route (from a video that I posted a few months before - remember to watch those so you know where to run), and we were hopping to get ready to run. We were so ready for this! I was also in the process of watching HeatherTheWizard's Twitch stream and it seemed that Heather and Val were also excited for it to start! And I'm super glad you all could make it to this event. I really do thank Heather and Val for spreading news on their twitch stream about our event - and that the community could attend. No matter our differences. We counted down from an hour, to minutes, to seconds and we were ready to GO! 

After Party and After After Party
After the Bunny Run in the commons, we were able to teleport everyone to the after party, thanks to the portbus wizards. We first teleported to my dorm room, which became packed with wizards and a ton of school symbol fireworks! Everyone had a choice between two houses, a PvP/Gauntlet House (Sultan's Palace) or a Housing Game House (Darkmoor Manor). We also teleported wizards/bunnies to Autumn's Celestial Observatory - an amazingly decorated Celestial theme house, and Frostcaller's Botanical Gardens - which is an awesome Harry Potter themed house. 

I don't talk about attendance always, but you really wouldn't believe how many wizards/bunnies attended this event unless you were there.There were hundreds of wizards and I'm so glad they were able to make it. I only hope everyone had fun at this event and enjoyed the code giveaways (I still wasn't able to giveaway all codes for that or announce winners - but I plan to on Friday for announcement of winners and new contest announcements). I don't always have code giveaways, but I really do thank KI for supplying codes to giveaway as well. I also bought gift cards to giveaway during Heather's awesome stream and at the event. There are a few things I'd change, but there's always room for improvement as time goes on. I'm still new at this! :P I am so glad you all were able to make it to the party.. But it wasn't over... yet!

After the Afterparty, we had an After After Party! We did another run on the same route as the Bunny Run, but we used our favorite mounts. There were some bunnies driving, so... And a few of them were talking as well! You might not believe it, but, I promise, it happened! I was able to give away one more card on Heather's stream for the night by playing hide and seek, and may I say, I hid well on my second try. The first try! Wow, I kinda got scared since so many found me in a spot I didn't think they would be able to find me, but it was still a lot of fun. And yes, that's a bunny right in front of my wizard. LOL. I couldn't believe they found me so fast. It looks like they're good at playing hide and seek! 

I thank each and everyone of you for attending this event. I really have these events for you, the community, and I want all of you to know that with each event in the future, all are welcome to attend. I will always try to improve as much as I can for each future event. I'm also always going to work as hard as I can for you so you enjoy these events. I'm thankful for this community and I truly hope you enjoyed the event as much as I did! I added all of the recorded youtube videos of the event from truly awesome YouTubers out there. Please click on their names (above the video) to check our their channels. (Special Shoutout: to Heather and Val for streaming the entire Bunny Run. You guys rock! Glad you could make it and I hope to see you and all of your awesome fans at our future events).

Special Recap Videos - Please Subscribe and Like Their Videos!

I would like to thank all of you for attending and or supporting this event and recording/helping out. I love having these for you, and with your help, we can make the community the best place ever! We're bringing the community back TOGETHER, and that was the plan for events before this and all of the events in the future. I would also like to thank our awesome Community Manager, Tom Purdue/Kingsisle for their support for these events. I hope you all are looking forward to the next major event, THE SANTA RUN in July. I was thinking I wouldn't give a date, but.. since I really want to, I will. The Santa Run is planned for July for sure, but the official date for now is...


I hope to see you all at this event. We'll continue having fun and bringing the community together for as long as the game lasts. Get your Santa Outfits ready... And I hope you all have an amazing Easter. Thank You, Jesus! Okay, I'm going to leave now.. Don't know why you all would want to keep reading. Stop reading! You're making me want to type more........ Okay.... gooooodbyeeeee. Yeah, I'm leaving now. Haha. Thank you al for reading and until next time.. I'll see you around the Spiral!

Dancing Bunny!


Unknown said...

Had a blast! Keep on your efforts! :D

Unknown said...

Fantastic gathering and after party as always Edward!!!!
I know it's a lot of pressure to coordinate these HUGE meets and you certainly do it well and also with GREAT HELP from many Wizard friends :))