April 1, 2017

Around The World in 80 Days!

Hi there!

Today I decided to stop blogging about Wizard101 and Pirate101 to start a new adventure by visiting every country in the world! I plan on completing that adventure in 80 days. I wish I could visit New York City around Christmas instead, but today was a special day to decide my future.. So, you all already know me by now and know what this is! I can't trick you all now like I could say four years ago. You know I'm here to stay for a long time and I hope you all enjoy my new posts and events this year.

  • Travel To UK: I always wanted to travel there. There's a difference between a joke and really wanting to travel somewhere!
  • Travel To WC and SI: I will probably travel there by getting on the game sometime and just running around. Maybe visit Merle and Avery to wish him a great day!

Other than that. I hope you all enjoyed this post. I'll be sure to send postcards! You know, the ones that don't exist. See you all later! It's been great and I hope to return one day in the future, specifically the next time I make a new post which won't be long from now. Bye!

If it wasn't obvious by now.. APRIL FOOLS :P

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