April 19, 2017

Wizard101: Introducing Suri Skullshard!

Hello Wizards!

Just wanted to tell you that this website is no longer called Around the Spiral with Edward Lifegem. It will now be called Around the Spiral with Suri Skullshard.. No, I'm not joking... Okay, maybe I am. :D Today I wanted to introduce you to my new death wizard, Suri Skullshard!

Last August, I had a poll to ask you all what the gender and name of my next wizard should be. A majority of you wanted me to create a girl wizard and have her name be Suri Skullshard. I decided to do that last night since I promised you all that I would. Now, this is going to be my very first wizard that is a girl and the very first wizard that I'll be questing through the game, that's not named Edward! You would think in the nearly 8 years I've been here, I would have done so already. This is going to be fun because I can finally quest another wizard through the few worlds - it's been over five years since I last did that.

Looking Ahead

I'm actually thinking about using this wizard to farm for the perfect gear in future worlds (I already have the best gear at the moment), maybe recording YouTube videos, or possibly streaming on Twitch! Don't take the Twitch thing seriously at the moment because I know I'll get nervous - which is normal for me because I've always been a nervous person. 

Anyway, I plan on doing a lot this Summer so I can increase the amount of Wizard101 related posts that I make and help you all with questions you have about the game. I've been here awhile and that means I forgot a few storyline quests in earlier worlds, new items in new worlds, and more. I'm planning on restoring my knowledge about the game to help you all with questions you might have if you ask me. 

I can't wait to start questing this wizard even more. I'll share a post about every world, and quests that I just want to post about - like the old days. This is going to be a great adventure! Death wizards, I love your school! So I have to start questing another death wizard, this time enjoying every moment of wizard from now through every new world added in the years to come. Wish me luck! Thank you all for reading and Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral!

Picture with Autumn's new storm wizard! We went through Sunken City... She'll publish a post soon!

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