May 11, 2017

EverClicker Launches Worldwide! (Earn Crowns)

Hi there!

Today, Kingsisle released one of their awesome mobile games, EverClicker, on Android, iOS , and Amazon worldwide! Before I send you on your way to play EverClicker, let's talk a bit about this new game and how you can earn crowns from questing through EverClicker.

Everclicker is actually similiar to Wizard101 and Pirate101. You have to defeat monsters (by clicking or tapping) and try to save each world as a Villian named the Star Devourer that eats stars out of the sky and darkens worlds. We are heroes that are able to save these worlds by collecting stars from the Star Devourer and helping restore light to these worlds that the Star Devourer darkened. I am ready to be hero just typing out this brief description about the game! 

 I may have just played this game for about 40 minutes just after typing the bried description above and I will give a small unbiased review on this post.. it's awesome! I will make a post on Saturday discussing what I think is awesome about this game and more reasons why you should try it out. I really think this game has a bright future and we as Kingsisle supporters should share this game with our friends and family. I know I will, especially after playing 40 minutes and wanting to play longer. 

Please read below for information on how to download EverClicker, earn your free crowns, and follow EverClicker's social media.

Play EverClicker
If you would like to try EverClicker, you can download EverClicker free (with game purchases) on Android, iOS, or Amazon. Click the links below to access those downloads.

Free Crowns
You can earn crowns by progressing past stage 40 (200 Crowns) and stage 100 (800 crowns) on EverClicker. If you would like more information about your free crowns, click HERE

Important Information/Links

If you hear of anyone getting stuck in game, remember this piece of advice from our Support Page (

“The fastest way to get help with EverClicker is to open a ticket in the mobile app. Go to the Options menu and tap on the Help button. From here, you can submit a ticket, review previous tickets, or open another ticket. There will be a short delay before a new ticket appears.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding game or account matters, please send an email to:”

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