May 13, 2017

Pirate101: Edward Hawkins makes it to Marleybone!

Ahoy Pirates!

I apologize for not making as many posts lately as I've been extremely busy finishing up Finals. I still have a few finals, but they will be a lot easier on me than the recent one. Things are slowing down a lot which means I have time to make new blog posts! By the way... I'll also have events this Summer, so don't think wizards are the only ones who will have fun events. :D Anyway, today I'd love to talk about some Pirate101 progress I've made with Autumn with our Musketeers!

The last time I made a post about our Musketeers was when we went through a dungeon, called the Bandit Cave, in Mooshu. Since then, we quested quite a bit and I decided to make a short post today about part of our questing before we get too far ahead, which we did. I blame Kingsisle for making such an amazing game. Anyway, we collected all of the Turtle Ball required to summon the Giant Turtle. 

We had to defeat all of the guardians in the Wood Temple (on top of the turtle) before we could talk to Cao Tzu and then Captain Avery to find the other piece of the map of El Dorado. We finally made it to Marleybone, one of my favorite worlds in both games. I think Pirate101's Marleybone is the best world out of both games because of it's awesome storyline. 

This game has some of the best graphics and I really do love the storyline. Autumn and I had decided when I had time when I wasn't studying, to play Pirate101 as much as we could. We had a lot of fun! I am hoping to quest even more with Autumn this Summer and quest my swashbuckler, Edward Cringle, again. I am looking forward to this Summer! My plans are to have more blog posts by trying things out that I haven't before. I think I'm going to start hatching pets and possibly start PvP. I already know I'm going to have events this Summer, so you'll have to stick around for that. I am looking forward to this Summer and I hope you're ready for a lot of fun! Well, I should end this post now and type up another. I have a lot of posts to catch up on! Until next time, I'll see you around the skyways. 

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