May 20, 2017

Wizard101: Dark Fairy Takeover - TODAY!

Hello Wizards!

A few weeks ago, we had a Dark Fairy takeover in The Commons. Headmaster Ambrose won.. He made sure we Dark Fairies were not able to take over Wizard City. I'm calling you now to help us! We need your help to take over Wizard City and show Headmaster Ambrose that we will soon be in control of all of Wizard City and eventually.. the Spiral! Let's have a Dark Fairy Takeover Event!

3:00 pm CST / 4:00 pm EST

The Commons, Pixie Realm

I'll teleport everyone with my portbus, Edward Winterbreeze, to my castle after the event.

  • Wear Your Dark Fairy Transformation: You can buy your Dark Fairy transformation in the Wizard101 Crowns Shop for 75 Crowns OR 500 Gold. Each Transformation lasts an hour.
  • Take Over Wizard City: We're going to take over Wizard City by swarming around the commons and potentially making our way to Unicorn Way to fight a few ghosts to show them who's boss! Will you take over Wizard City With us?

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