June 5, 2017

Wizard101: Dark Fairy Takeover Recap!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a great week so far! This past week has been an amazing week for me because, well for one it's Summer and I was able to host another event to get the community together once more! It's really nice interacting with everyone when we have these events. This event was actually one of the smaller events outside of the "Run Events" that we have during the holidays. I believe this was the largest small event we've had to date! Over 40 people showed up throughout the day to take over Wizard City!

WhiteTiger93 made an awesome Recap Video of the entire event. Please click on the link above to view that video. Be sure to leave a nice comment on that video and you might find yourself winning an Astral Unicorn Mount! You'll have to comment before tomorrow, though. Click on the Current Contests tab for more information.

Early Morning Thoughts

I woke up and found one Dark Fairy, Victoria. She was awesome for staying on so long to enjoy these events! There were also other wizards - or Dark Fairies - that logged on to wait for this event. Many of you show such dedication to events like this that I really want to host more of these and prepare some activities before the official event begins. 

I'm going to work hard to make sure even before the event begins, we have a lot of fun! I'm trying to brag, but I can tell these events are getting larger as we progress. The first Santa Run we had was promoted quite a bit and had less than we had at this event. The Halloween Run and Bunny Run also grew quite a bit. I'm going to work as hard as I can to make sure almost everyone has fun. I know we can't get everyone to have fun and that's okay. But as long as you enjoy coming to these and interacting with the community, it'll always continue! 

Activities During The Event

ZAP! I'm sorry, but somehow this picture was kinda hilarious, but also sad! :P I just wanted to say that no Dark Fairies were hurt during this event. I can say a storm wizard teleported and... well the picture above kinda shows what happened. I may or may not be laughing at this current moment!

The activities at this event were actually made up all at once! The first activity was a run around the commons. Well technically we were flying, but you know I call just about everything a Run Event these days! I don't think Wizards liked us flying around taking over Wizard City. The second activity was to swarm the pond and swarm around the fountain in the pond. I think that was my favorite since it really made it look like we were taking over the world! Sometimes it's fun to be the villain, but that soon changed when we went to Unicorn Way for our third activity to defeat one ghost. I feel bad for the ghosts in Unicorn Way but in a way, we were showing the wizards we weren't that bad! 

The Afterparty

After swarming the Commons, we decided to give Wizard City back to the wizards.. Or the Santas since they'll be taking over on July 15th - which you can click on the events tab for more information. We Dark Fairies are nice and we love Christmas in July? :P 

I teleported everyone with my Ice Wizard on my second account to the new Avalon Refuge house from the Avalon Outlaw Bundle (from gamestop for $39). When we got there, I told everyone where they could get this house and that I wasn't being paid to promote the bundle! This house is pretty cool - a bit confusing - but still cool. We had PvP and I gave away a few codes for mounts and crowns. Unfortunately, I had to leave early because I had another event to attend, this time in real life. That Birthday party was a great and had a great time with my family. This event in Wizard101 was also a great event!

A Special Thank You

I want to thank ALL of you for attending this event or if you couldn't attend, supporting events like these. The first event I attended, as many of you know, was a Diary of a Wizard event called the Ravenwood Ball. These events were very special to bring the community together and they are unlike any other event that has occurred in Wizard101. They were great people and very welcoming to everyone who attended their events. 

The community has changed quite a bit since I joined Wizard101 - some are changes that I can't and will not adapt to. There are however good changes, such as many more in the community that we can reach out to. Spreading good messages such as Online Safety and respect to everyone in the community no matter who they are. I would like to think I didn't fail you all by spreading these positive messages in the community.

These events will always take place for everyone in the community even for those who we've had disagreements with. My goal has been and always will be inclusion for everyone. I love this community and I hope you all enjoy events like these! I love getting everyone together to make new friends and interact with old friends who may have not been on the game in awhile. Don't worry, these events will always continue for you! I've found I've been more excited lately about having these for you as well. :) 

I'm looking forward to a great Summer with you all! I'm going to try my best to make sure everyone knows they're important to me and the community. I don't want to bring anything up that has occurred over the past few months, but I will say the best thing to do is to ignore and focus on the good. I'm glad I've finally done that because I'm happier about being here than I was! I love this community! We're going to do our best to continue spreading positive message, respecting everyone, staying safe online, and more of all being inclusive. Until next time, I'll see you around the Spiral.

Hope to see you at the Santa Run on July 29th: http://www.edwardlifegem.com/p/events.html

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